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feed me fashion http://www.feedmefashion.com/feed en-us http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss Sweetcron admin@feedmefashion.com At the Farm http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28864/at-the-farm

My friend Laura, who is an amazing stylist (we worked together with Joan Smalls for Estée Lauder, and she’s also Senior Editor at Large for Glamour) had been making me dream about her farm upstate for a little while. “Come up and see us!!!” she kept saying.

So that’s what I did on Sunday and it was amazing. Not only do Laura, her husband Fabio, and her son Matteo, have a real farm with chickens, vegetable fields, apple trees, honey bees, tractors, and well, pretty much everything – they are also making a little paradise out of it that people can go visit – even if you don’t know them. What’s incredible is that the farm is kind of a project they fell into while they were looking for a house Upstate. They got really into it and started cleaning it up and planting, and today it’s become their passion project when they aren’t in New York working in fashion (Fabio is a photographer). But it actually fits perfectly with Laura’s vision – to her, style goes beyond fashion – it’s how one lives their life and energy and the environment we create around us. I totally agree with her… And because this is such a great project, people gather around it. Their friends Paola and Chicco make pizzas with vegetables from the farm on weekends. This weekend was so cool; Fabio’s mother baked, Laura’s mother was also visiting, everyone was speaking Italian – it was kind of paradise. You can have lunch there, eat an ice cream, pick raspberries and blackberries, meet lots of people, kids are running around everywhere, and you can take lots of organic goodies home with you. If you’re in the area this season, go for it! It’s two hours away from New York, the drive is gorgeous, it’s the perfect season, everyone is so welcoming and the pizzas are to die for. It’s exactly what I needed before taking off for Paris Fashion Week. Translated by Andrea Perdue Westwind Orchard, 215 Lower Whitfield Road, Accord, New York 12404 / 845.626.0659 The farm is open Saturday and Sunday, 10am-6pm. Pizza is served from 12pm-6pm.

Thu, 18 Sep 2014 13:40:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28864/at-the-farm
Kitchen Tunes: Fräulein Kimchi http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28863/kitchen-tunes-fraulein-kimchi

Many of you may already know Fräulein Kimchi from Street Food Thursday: famous for introducing Berliners to Ramen burgers, she not only knows a thing or two about preparing Kimchi – did you know that Lauren is also a trained opera singer? When working long late night shifts, we can only imagine her singing along to classics like Cindy Lauper or The Andrew Sisters in this week’s Kitchen Tunes! „It keeps me going when the tiredness sets in“, she says.

The post Kitchen Tunes: Fräulein Kimchi appeared first on Stil in Berlin.

Thu, 18 Sep 2014 11:54:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28863/kitchen-tunes-fraulein-kimchi
Edit No. 1 / Part 2… The Suit http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28862/edit-no-1-part-2-the-suit

The suit!

As you know I love it, it even used to be my go-to for events. For fall it’s nice to dress it down a bit, make it a little more relaxed. Dianna and I thought a long shirt dress as a top would be the perfect piece. I like that even if you un-do a few buttons, it still looks dressed up and sexy. How would you wear it? On Alana: Shirt dress, Adam Lippes; Jacket and pants, Alexander Wang. Styled by Dianna Lunt / Makeup by Tatyana Makarova For Part 1 of the fashion story, click here!

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 19:14:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28862/edit-no-1-part-2-the-suit
Flower Power http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28861/flower-power

See by Chloe knows what I’m talking about.

The sweet daisy printed denim pieces have me wanting to do denim on denim only come Spring. And if the Canadian tuxedo isn’t quite your thing, the pieces work great on their own too. Peace, love and daisies.

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 16:00:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28861/flower-power
Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea, Paris Fashion Week http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28860/sofia-sanchez-barrenechea-paris-fashion-week

Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea, founder of the online shop Under Our Sky which features the collections of Argentinian designers. I love her outfit, the shorts have a really cool 70’s vibe and the blue stain shirt is just perfection. More on Sofia’s style over here.

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 13:42:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28860/sofia-sanchez-barrenechea-paris-fashion-week
Tenue de Soiree http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28859/tenue-de-soiree

I never know what to wear out at night. It always annoys me and I end up wasting way too much time. I lose confidence in myself and in my taste, I spend forever in front of the mirror, I take dumb selfies and send them to my friends, and since they can’t see anything anyway because I’m terrible at selfies, it’s even worse, so they stress me out by saying things like: “Need another photo, I can’t even tell what you’re wearing” “What’s that thing in front of your dress?” (my phone, obviously) “What color is that? Cat pee yellow?” (bad lighting) “How can someone who’s a photographer be so bad at selfies?” (shut up right now) Yep, because obviously I always wait until the last minute. So I stress everyone out. Because I hate evening wear.

Usually when I want to dress up to go out at night, I always start out thinking I’ll wear a dress. Yes. I have this idea in my head, like most girls, that “night” means “dress”. Don’t try to figure it out, that’s just the way it is. So then I start the useless and frantic search for the “perfect last minute dress” which: 1/ Doesn’t exist 2/ Is very, very expensive 3/ Can’t be found at the last minute. To be perfect, a dress always has to be altered, otherwise you’re a model, in which case, what are you doing reading this post? By then, not only am I irritated, I’m also exhausted AND frustrated. For a while, I had resolved my problem with a few really cool tuxes, but one mustn’t go overboard with the joys of wearing a suit, especially when you have short hair. If you do, you’ll quickly turn into Ellen De Generes, and even though I ADORE Ellen, I really don’t want to have her look. You know, because at night, I want to be super feminine, a bit femme fatale. But the problem is – no dresses look good on me. No dresses look good on anyone, actually, if you really want to know how I feel about it. That’s always what I’m thinking to myself when I watch the awards. I like them well enough, I play the game, I choose my favorites, I feel like I’m taking a trip to planet tralala – it’s fun for about two seconds. But most of the time in those ceremonies, it’s like “cool” has left the building and been replaced by slightly awkward women forced into an obsolete definition of sexiness (with their breasts imprisoned in push up bras, their waists strangled) that doesn’t look anything at all like the free woman in motion that I love and want to be. Oh hey, by the way. Since we were talking about Céline on Friday, and how Phoebe Philo redefined the way we dress and the kind of women we have the right to be (cool, sensual, comfortable) – just looking at her collections makes you realize. Not a single evening gown. The closest thing is a romper. Hands in pockets, high heels – her rompers totally borrow from the “woman in a tux” attitude. So it’s back to the same idea. There are exceptions, of course. Valentino dresses that make you want to cry they’re so beautiful. Dior by Raf Simmons. Cate Blanchett in Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. But girls who have Cate Blanchett’s allure are very rare. So when it comes to evening wear, there aren’t many places left for me to look for ideas. I look at what Jenna Lyons does, what Emmanuelle Alt does, and what Phoebe Philo does, on the rare occasion she goes out. So that’s the thing. That’s when I went to a black tie event that I realized what my real problem was. I don’t like evening gowns. I ended up in pants and a bustier, but honestly, I really would have liked to have something new and beautiful to wear. A new attitude, a new femininity – something truly modern. But I think it’s clear now: for the time being, that doesn’t exist. Or it’s very, very rare. I really think it’s time to redefine evening wear for women, don’t you think? Translated by Andrea Perdue

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 13:04:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28859/tenue-de-soiree
In Transition http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28858/in-transition

Photo by Sandra Semburg.

Tue, 16 Sep 2014 20:26:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28858/in-transition
Barely There http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28857/barely-there

What is the best barely there polish?

I thought I had made a major discovery at Altuzarra last week when I was introduced to Essie’s Spaghetti Strap, a barely there, wear it everyday, sheer, pink polish. My search for that color was finally over. I came back to the Studio, excited about the polish (which really, is nothing new) and forced everyone to try it (except Erik). Emily and Brie became instant fans but Garance was harder to convince. For her, the color was too pink, it wasn’t right for her skin tone. Her go-to? Essie’s Sugar Daddy. Now, what’s your favorite barely there polish?

Tue, 16 Sep 2014 19:41:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28857/barely-there
Sticker Up http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28856/sticker-up

Anya Hindmarch is a quirky genius.

Remember last season’s potato chip clutch? Well, this time around she is getting us with stickers. Debuting today with her spring collection is a limited edition collection of leather stickers (in collaboration with Charlotte Stockdale of CHAOS FASHION) that you can use to embellish your handbag/phone/best friend. The current selection features a Mickey Mouse hand doing various gestures and more styles will be added soon. I’m already going through my closet trying to figure out what I want to “sticker up” first. If you need some inspiration, take a look back at Sue’s embellished bag…

Tue, 16 Sep 2014 17:03:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28856/sticker-up
Irina Lakicevic, Paris Fashion Week http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28855/irina-lakicevic-paris-fashion-week

Irina Lakicevic, blogger at A Portable Package. Irina is wearing a Proenza Schouler pleated skirt.

Tue, 16 Sep 2014 15:48:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28855/irina-lakicevic-paris-fashion-week
At the Studio with Mrs. Sewell http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28854/at-the-studio-with-mrs-sewell

Photos of me again!!! (Just let me know when you get tired of it.) The beautiful Yasmin Sewell has just launched a collection with Barneys. She had told me about it in ultra secret mode back when she was working on it and of course, I immediately tweeted her secret to the world – uh, just kidding, but it was pretty difficult for me not to, given how I excited I was for the collection to come out. You know, I’ve always loved her style – she’s been working in retail for years, she’s got a great eye and a sense for quality – so I knew it would be an exciting collection.

Exciting, but maybe not for me, I thought. Because, as you can see in the photos, Yasmin and I do not have the same body type. I mean, we’re pretty much opposites. And I was convinced that most of the things that make up her style wouldn’t be things I could ever wear. (Oh, but now she’s pregnant, so our differences have balanced out a bit, huhuhuhu) I told her that I would never in my life wear a crop top (there are two in her collection) and she promised me that she was going to prove me wrong. So she came by the Studio in between shows and had me try on her collection. See, she even made me wear a crop top. “This was all about proportion, I wanted the skirt to sit high enough on the waist so it really elongated the leg, and the top was designed to pretty much sit perfectly at the high waistband. Again, I was thinking proportion and a slim fit skirt and oversized wide top I think is a great balance. I don’t believe in total body con, it’s gotta be balanced out.” – Yasmin Ok, let’s not exaggerate. We all have our own body type. We definitely burst out laughing when she tried to have me put on the mini crop top with a tee-shirt underneath – one of her signature outfits, which I promise on the head of Anna Dello Russo, will never become mine. But the rest of the collection is just as perfect as I imagined. The coats with subtle stripes, the super well-cut pants – everything is really lovely, very Yasmin, but also perfect for everyone. “Seeing this [coat] on Garance made me very proud, she wears it exactly as I imagined it when I designed it. A lot of the collection was about classic items but I pushed a little with fabric and colour. This coat will hang off a lot of women, of any age or shape, but in aqua alpaca stripe it goes somewhere else. I think its still super effortless to wear.” – Yasmin I love it when my friends do great work like that. I hope you’ll like it just as much as I do. And tomorrow, a video of me riding a horse naked on the beach!!! IN SLO MO!!! No, just joking. Kisses! Click on the arrows to see more images… Translated by Andrea Perdue

Tue, 16 Sep 2014 13:11:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28854/at-the-studio-with-mrs-sewell
All Tied Up http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28850/all-tied-up

Hair for the woman on the go.

Two thumbs up for the hair at Reed Krakoff last week. I loved the simplicity and nonchalance of the looped pony tail, all tied together by that blue leather cord. I’ll be ditching all traditional hair ties going forward… Hair by Kevin Ryan for UNITE.

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 20:36:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28850/all-tied-up
At J.Crew http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28849/at-jcrew

I loved the J.Crew collection this season. As always, the styling was so great (Jenna Lyons for President!) and is already inspiring my wardrobe!

Click on the arrows to see more images…

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 19:48:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28849/at-jcrew
Joseph and the Amazing Jacket Skirt http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28851/joseph-and-the-amazing-jacket-skirt

Need a skirt? I’ve got a jacket for that.

I’m all for creative styling tricks, especially ones that make you think twice about what a person is wearing: Is that a skirt? A dress? How do you get in that? My only concern with the “jacket as skirt” at Joseph is bulk. The flowing white trench as a skirt is ace, but the denim jacket as layered skirt, well, may be a bit trickier to master… Are you ready to transform your favorite jacket into your favorite skirt?

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 17:23:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28851/joseph-and-the-amazing-jacket-skirt
Chic Moms http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28848/chic-moms

Last week during fashion week, kids were also going back to school in New York, and on my way home from the Ralph Lauren show, I ran into Sari and Meghan. In the middle of all the excitement of the week, I really liked getting back to the idea of a chic, everyday look. Chic, comfortable, elegant, and real. It’s nice to see, right?

Have a great start to your week. ;) Translated by Andrea Perdue

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:00:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28848/chic-moms
Escape: Eating in Lisbon http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28847/escape-eating-in-lisbon

Last month, I fell in love with Lisboa. Being there for the first time ever (first time in Portugal even!), I was overly excited to try as many Portuguese dishes as I could: From oven cooked octopus to freshly grilled sardines, from dozens of Pasteis de Belém to ice cold Mazagran (coffee with lemon and sugar), I ate my way through this lovely city, walking up and down the hills, enjoying the many different districts and just having the best of times (seriously, I loved it). Staying in a lovely AirBnB apartment just off Jardim do Príncipe Real (very recommendable location, you can walk almost anywhere and there are a plenty of cafés, eateries and shops around.) I was lucky enough to have local guides leading me to the nicest places and of course can’t wait to share my eating experiences with you, just in case you ever find yourself in the city and don’t know where to eat.

First things first: Pastéis de Belém. Known to many as Pastéis de Nata, because the only place they can be called de Belém is in Belém, a civil parish South-West of Lisbon and home to many of the most distinct landmarks of the city and one of the most important culinary institutions: the pastry shop Fábrica de Pastéis de Belém. This egg tart pastry was actually created by Catholic monks in Belém’s monastry some time before the 18th century and has since conquered the world. Even Berlin has more than one good source for Pastéis de Nata, although they are nothing in comparison with the ones you get at this shop in Belém. The pastry here is paper thin yet crispy and the egg tart so soft and only perfected by the mix of sugar and cinnamon on top. Oh the delight… We went there after dinner, almost at 11 pm, and the giant, beautiful shop was still filled with people – room after room families and groups of friends devouring many Pastéis. I can’t even imagine the lines if you get there at more pastry-appropriate times. Fábrica de Pastéis de Belém, Rua de Belém 84, Belém, daily from 08:00–24:00

For the first dinner, my friends led me to the old town district called Alfama, where the traditional (and very melancholic) music of Fado can be heard in almost every restaurant (some better than others, Alfama is a very touristic place thanks to its “authentic” appeal). We went to a place without singers, Pateo 13, where you chose your meat or fish of choice to be freshly grilled. The bar and kitchen itself are located in tiny spaces inside, guests are seated outside on a big terrace. Barbecuing is basically all they do, and that’s probably why they are seriously good at it – especially with sardines, which is why you should get those. Pateo 13, Calcadinha Sto Estevao 13, Alfama

Surprisingly, Lisbon has at least two traditional market halls that have recently been transformed into (gourmet) food halls: Mercado da Ribeira, managed and designed by Lisbon’s Time Out magazine, has a bit of a more posh (almost over-designed) feeling to it (don’t miss the market hall just next to it with loads of fruit and vegetable vendors and a completely different feel). And then Mercado de Campo de Ourique in the more up and coming Campo de Ourique district, which is a bit more casual (although they have automatic water atomizers throughout the whole hall, supposedly to cool you down) and combines produce vendors for vegetables, fruits and fish with food stalls. We went there to try the famous Prego, the Portuguese steak sandwich, at Atalho. It was served on pao de bolo do caco, typical bread from Madeira, which is a specialty and very important to the taste. Sadly, neither the fries and salad nor the black plastic plate could keep up with the quality of the dish, so keep it simple and order the sandwich only. Mercado de Campo de Ourique, Rua Azedo Gneco, Campo Ourique

I quickly learned that Portuguese pastries and sweets are mainly made of egg and sugar, but come in various forms and have their local characteristics. On our way to the beach one day, we stopped in the village of Azeitao to visit the café of Pastelaria Regional Cego, famous for their Torta de Azeitao (many tried to copy it, all failed, is what my Portuguese friend said). It’s the bright yellow roll in the middle of the small plate – it’s a sponge cake filled with, you guessed it, eggs and sugar and it is really very good. So we shared two, obviously (besides all the other egg-and-sugar varieties).  Pastelaria Regional Cego, Rua Jose Augusto Coelho 150, Vila Nova de Azeitao

What you should eat while in Lisbon is obviously sea food, and while many restaurants serve it in a simple and rustic way (grilled), there are some who are more experimental. Like SeaMe, located in Chiado, and famous for their raw fish specialities. We feasted on plates filled with sashimi, nori salad, almond tempura prawns and the one pictured above – salmon seared only for seconds, with wasabi ice cream which gave my friend a – quote – food-orgasm. I liked it a lot as well. And despite being one of the pricier options in Lisbon, we only payed about 60 Euros for two including a bottle of wine and water. SeaMe is always fully booked, better call before to make a reservation or hope for a seat at the sushi bar. SeaMe Peixaria Moderna, Rua do Loreto 21, Chiado, Mon–Fri 12:30–15:00 and 19:30–00:00; Sat–Sun from 12.30, +351 21 346 1564

Octopus is a big thing in Portugal, and I was lucky enough that my friends invited me to join in a very traditional fun – every Friday for lunch, a restaurant called Casa dos Passarinhos serves an incredibly soft and tasty polvo a lagareiro com batata a murro e grelos – cooked octopus with “dead potatos” – because they are smashed with the fist – and savoy cabbage. You can call and see if there are left-overs for dinner and then feast on it at night, because you’ll be very tired after this delicious, yet rather heavy dish. (However, the staff’s English is not great, better get a Portuguese friend to make that reservation.) Casa dos Passarinhos, Rua Silva Carvalho 195, +351 21 388 2346

Just before leaving, I dived head-first into barbecued chicken wonderland with a plate of grilled poultry from Frangasqueira Nacional. Located in a small space in a side street, it is already exciting watching the chef grill the poultry, he’ll have you wait until it’s done perfectly. My friends liked to get another spicy sausage and potato chips with it. And a cold beer of course. Frangasqueira Nacional. Rua da Imprensa Nacional 116 C, 1250-127 Lisboa The post Escape: Eating in Lisbon appeared first on Stil in Berlin.

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 11:25:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28847/escape-eating-in-lisbon
Renata http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28846/renata

Photo by Sandra Semburg.

Sun, 14 Sep 2014 18:59:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28846/renata
Sunday Inspiration: Fei Fei Sun http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28845/sunday-inspiration-fei-fei-sun

Our Sunday Inspiration star is Chinese model Fei Fei Sun. With her great sense of style and fashionable outfits she deserved a post for herself

Sun, 14 Sep 2014 16:11:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28845/sunday-inspiration-fei-fei-sun
What I’m Wearing #2 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28844/what-im-wearing-2

Okay, so this is technically a guest edition of What I’m Wearing because this bag belongs to Yasmin…

She came over to shoot a story with me at the Studio in between shows (I’ll show you the photos soon!) and she was carrying this cool new Chloé bag. I keep finding myself drawn to red bags lately… I also really love the hardware on this one, it’s simple but still striking. Do you like it?

Sun, 14 Sep 2014 12:58:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28844/what-im-wearing-2
Proenza Schouler does Fringe http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28843/proenza-schouler-does-fringe ]]> Sat, 13 Sep 2014 20:00:00 +0000 http://www.feedmefashion.com/items/view/28843/proenza-schouler-does-fringe
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