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  • new!

    Isabel, not Britney…

    The just released images of Isabel Marant’s resort 2015 collection are giving me some serious fashion week dressing inspiration (they couldn’t have popped up at a better time; I’ll be spending the weekend trying to figure out what to wear). The best part: I don’t have to get rid of my Birkenstocks any time soon…

    She Did It Again

    Posted on garancedore.fr 6 Hours, 33 Minutes ago

  • new!

    Do you ever wake up wishing you could just wear your PJs to work?

    I do! It’s becoming easier and easier to get away with styles like this one from Piamita. Comfy enough for sleeping, but chic enough to wear to the office. It is kind of a genius idea and a perfect solution for when you’re running late. Can Friday be pajama day?

    Pajama Day

    Posted on garancedore.fr 7 Hours, 57 Minutes ago

  • new!

    I’m trying to come to terms with my middle part.

    For years (like really, so many years) I had a deep side part and dramatic side swept bags. You never saw both of my eyes at the same time, which in my head made me mysterious, in reality made me partially blind. I thought I would keep those bangs (and that look) for the rest of my life, it becoming as iconic as Anna Wintour’s bob. Then one day, I blacked out and got straight across bangs with a middle part. I’ve told you that story before and how it traumatized me to the point where I didn’t really do much to my hair for a while, afraid of making another big, huge, life altering mistake (yeah yeah, it’s just hair, it will grow back). And now here I am today: grown out bangs, long layers and a middle part. Most of the time, I feel exposed, like my forehead is this giant billboard walking down the street. I don’t really have anything to hide behind anymore. I can see out of both my eyes most of the time. I have a tendency, which Erik has pointed out a number of times, to push my hair in front of my face throughout the day, so I look kind of like the girl from The Ring (if you haven’t seen it, don’t watch it, too scary). I rarely wear my hair pulled back, again for fear that I’m going to just be all forehead (if you didn’t know it, now you do: I have a forehead complex). But today, yes TODAY, I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m leaving behind my forehead complex and I’m moving forward with my middle part! I’m tucking my hair behind my ears! I’m a new woman. I’m a new woman with a middle part. Do you change your part often or have yout stuck with one for a long time?

    Play Your Part

    Posted on garancedore.fr 11 Hours, 58 Minutes ago

  • new!

    “But I’ve been doing that for years!!!!” You know that feeling, right? A trend pops up, it gets huge and all the sudden you are like wait…waiiiitttttt…STOP! I’ve been doing that for forever! Seriously forever. Since like, G-ception.

    I don’t really know why, but I’ve always worn my earrings only on one side. We can maybe trace it back to not wanting to look like The Laughing Cow, a very popular cheese in France. Also, wearing two pairs of big earrings made me feel way too proper. The thing is, I’m doing it so much that people often tell me, with a horrified look : “Miss, I think you just lost an earring!!!” Anyways, I found a solution to stop people in their tracks when they’re about to tell me I lost an earring: I wear a big one on one side and a smaller one on the other. That way, you can see the unbalance is not an accident, and everybody’s happy. I mean at least I’m happy. Here are some of my favorites mix and matched earrings!

    One + One

    Posted on garancedore.fr 14 Hours, 15 Minutes ago

  • new!

    We are approaching the end of summer, that is true. But instead of suffering from premature winter-depression, we should all get together and celebrate those final days of sunny bliss and jolly heat. And how better than with a big bash of Burgers & Hip Hop, your favorite party. Coming up this Saturday, this one’s bigger than ever, with more food, more DJs, more special performances and stunning surprises. We can’t wait – can you!? We have seven entirely new contesters – from the French masters of 3 Minutes sur Mer, pie-enthusiasts Hellogoodpie to our beloved Korean Ramen burger artist Fräulein Kimchi, the burger varieties are more multifaceted than ever. We’ll see Ban Ban Kitchen serving a burger with Korean BBQ chicken and aioli (plus a veggie version), Heat & Beat will show off a veggie burger made of red beans and olives plus mango, cilantro and a sweet chili sauce (plus a beef version with Aberdeen Angus beef), Gorilla BBQ will combine a beef patty with goat cheese and honey-mustard sauce in a brioche bun (plus a veggie version). Sounds amazing? I know! And I haven’t even told you about Zwei Dicke Bären’s double chocolate cookie with chocolate ice cream sandwich! Besides all the fun, there’s the serious task of finding the new best burger in Berlin – after three wins, we mutually agreed that District Mot will leave the field to new players to stir up the competition. The race for the trophy is all open again! Come VOTE! Join us on Saturday at Prince Charles for loads of Burgers & Hip Hop fun starting at 15:00 – entry is 2 Euros before 21:00 and 10 Euros after 21:00 (no re-entry). Join here! And, of course, we’ll have an official Stil in Berlin tasting table to which we want to invite you! Come and taste ALL the burgers with us and enjoy fun patty-ology discussions. We’re looking for 4 additional eaters, leave a comment proving your burgxpertise under this post until tomorrow 16:00 to join!

    The post Coming up: Burgers & Hip Hop appeared first on Stil in Berlin.

    Coming up: Burgers & Hip Hop

    Posted on stilinberlin.blogspot.com 18 Hours, 26 Minutes ago

  • Lisa On Gates Avenue

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 27 2014, 8:09pm

  • It’s time to dress normal.

    Gap, that friendly, classically American shop has just launched a new, slightly moodier campaign featuring none other than Angelica Huston as one of their “Dress Normal” celeb-models. I love me some Angelica Huston, and Gap was one of my favorite stores growing up (I had a lot of sweater vests), so this combination seems more than perfect while giving a whole new meaning to #normcore.

    A New Normal

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 27 2014, 7:04pm

  •    Mira Duma at DIOR / rue de Varenne / Paris

    Mira Duma / rue de Varenne / Paris

    Posted on easyfashion.blogspot.com August 27 2014, 5:01pm

  • Blogger Angelica Ardasheva from Angy’s Tea Room.

    Angelica Ardasheva, Paris Fashion Week

    Posted on trendycrew.com August 27 2014, 2:24pm

  • This must be one of the first times I’ve seen a short AND curly cut work so well. In my mind, that combination is a synonym with hair disaster.

    I’m not saying it would look good on me, but honestly, it’s so adorable and different on Alyosha that it makes me think about all the things I could do with my current (short) length. Ok, ok – what wouldn’t be adorable and different on Alyosha, I have to wonder… My hair has grown out a little, and it’s kind of cool, I think. I’ll have to show you. I’ve been thinking about new possibilities for this fall. What are you doing with your hair this season? Translated by Andrea Perdue

    Short + Curly

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 27 2014, 1:09pm

  •     Nasiba Adilova  / rue Cambon / Paris

    Nasiba / rue Cambon / Paris

    Posted on easyfashion.blogspot.com August 27 2014, 11:52am

  •    Anna dello Russo / Place Vendôme / Paris   Anna toujours au top !   Photographiée lors de la dernière Fashion Week   Photo by Fred / Easy Fashion Paris

    Anna dello Russo / Place Vendôme / Paris

    Posted on easyfashion.blogspot.com August 27 2014, 10:13am







    © STYLECLICKER - Wedding Chapel, Munich is a post from: http://www.styleclicker.net

    Wedding Chapel, Munich

    Posted on styleclicker.net August 27 2014, 9:02am

  • Ok, I confess! I didn’t watch the Emmys…

    I did spend a decent amount of time searching the hashtag #emmys2014 on Instagram* to see what everyone was wearing. After 237,485 photos of Julia Roberts in her leg lengthening short dress (by Elie Saab) and red dresses aplenty, the elegant and surprisingly not bride-like ladies in white won spots as my favorites. Did you watch? Who was your favorite? From left to right: Kate Mara, Allison Williams and Michelle Monaghan. *which led me to many OITNB profiles. Hey Piper! Hi Crazy Eyes!

    White Out

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 26 2014, 8:14pm

  • Ece Sukan in total white look after Chanel.

    Ece Sukan in white, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com August 26 2014, 8:06pm

  • Kiss your lipstick goodbye.

    As you know, I turn to Bioderma for removing just about everything when it comes to makeup. But there are still times when a red lipstick is too strong for even the powers of Créaline. My lips are often left slightly stained, in a way that looks like I spent the afternoon drinking Kool-Aid (so basically, I look like a first grader). I’ve been on the hunt for something that really takes it all off and these new lip wipes from Bite are doing the trick. Emily and I both used them the other day to take off some red lipstick and were left pretty impressed. So if you are a serious, everyday, 24/7 red lip girl, I highly recommend them.

    Wipe Out

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 26 2014, 6:44pm

  • I don’t know how I missed this video, but honestly, it’s really worth watching, especially on a blog where we often talk about about beauty and self acceptance.

    And to never forget the “deeper business of being beautiful inside”.

    This photo is from Lupita’s campaign with Lancôme!

    La Beauté Lupita

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 26 2014, 4:44pm

  • It’s the end of the summer, so it’s time for my summer recap, because I miss summer already* and the only way to make summer last a little longer is to talk about summer. What? I repeated the word “summer” five times in the same sentence? Yep. As we say in France, when you love something, you don’t count. So here we go, RECAP. This summer, I…

    Was a judge for Project Runway. It was kind of unbelievable, I agree. Finding myself on the panel of such a cult show with such famous presenters like Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum (super nice) could have stressed me out to death, but I did what I usually do in those situations: I pretend no one is watching me and promise myself not to watch the show afterward so it’s like it never happened. It’s kind of ostrich behavior, I agree. But it worked!!! I even managed to say a few words without throwing up my snack (sorry for the visual). So, not bad, right? Plus, I got the cutest text message in the world from my sister Sacha, who’s 20 years old and not afraid to say it like it is. I say, thank you Project Runway for making my sister Sacha very, very proud ;)

    Got me some highlights. Remember when I cut my hair and said that now I would be brave enough to try anything and that my next thing would be to go platinum blonde? I lied. I almost did it, though. I went to Clyde’s hoping for sunny highlights (“Put lots of sunshine in my hair, Clyde. Clyde, I want to be blonde!!!”) and when I saw his deer-in-the-headlights look, I lost a little bit of enthusiasm. He suggested that we do caramel highlights instead, which I accepted without hesitation since I love caramel (salted butter caramel). A little later, I had lovely highlights, and Clyde told me they would get lighter during the summer, which filled me with a suspicious joy**. And it’s true! Not only did they get lighter, but I also got a tan – and everyone thought it looked pretty, except for my mother who only likes me the way she made me. Now they’ve gotten so light that I’m on the verge of zebra, but Clyde and I planned ahead for that and we’re going to go back to a darker chocolate color for winter – my caramel highlights will be a good starting point for adding depth (=hair stylist jargon)(but you get the idea, right?)(chocolate fudge brownie) Summary: I love changing my hair color. Even if it’s very subtle, it’s cool to change colors with the seasons!!! Moved. This is crazy, kids: I live alone. I would love to tell you more about how I feel, but honestly it’s too soon, so I just wanted to let you know that all your messages were really touching. And I also wanted to say to those of you who wrote to me who are going through the same thing right now, that you shouldn’t be afraid – just let life flow. Sometimes it’s painful, but we always end up finding our way. And you often end up finding yourself along the way too. That was just a quick little Psychology Magazine side note, now back to our regularly scheduled programming. (No, but seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) I haven’t done the Ice Bucket Challenge (yet). I thought I might have slipped through the cracks, trying to make myself very small to go unnoticed so no one would challenge me, and I figured that the excitement was mostly over, so I was going to be ok now. A few people very kindly asked if I would mind if they challenged me and I pretended not to see their texts (sorry @LolaRykiel! I hope you’re not too mad at me!!!) and other people went for it and texted me AFTER they’d already challenged me (“You’re going to hate me, but…”) Yep, @SammyGaga, I hate you, I despise you. Now, what do you think, should I do it or not? Who should I challenge in return? (I’ve got 5 hours to decide) PS = the Ice Bucket Challenge didn’t come out of nowhere, it’s a campaign to support the fight against ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and we can all donate here. Stopped wearing a watch. Ok, ok, fine, it’s a very #whogivesafuck piece of information (I mean, except for the watch industry who must be worried that no one really needs a watch anymore because of these damn phones that do EVERYTHING)(like, even in the countryside, people don’t even buy flashlights anymore: they have their phones!!!)(don’t even talk about the map industry now that we have Google Maps!!!)(ok, I’m getting SUPER off topic) but I used to be the kind of person who always, always had the exact time and my watch was always on my wrist, but now time has gotten a little fuzzy and I really like that. I wonder which watch I’ll fall for next. Spent 20 minutes in a helicopter. SERIOUSLY, I MEAN, WHAT! NO, REALLY. It had been on my bucket list for years (not my ice bucket challenge list, mind you) and I had never been in a helicopter before!!! So this summer, when my family came to see me, we decided to take a ride in a helicopter over New York. For some reason I happened to talk about it to my agent, Walter, and he sent me the following text: “Oh, but those things crash every two minutes!!!” So I couldn’t sleep all night (thanks, Walter) even though, logically, I think that if those things really did crash every two minutes, we would hear about it – even so, I spent the night clinging to a helicopter propeller, rescuing my mother from the waves, while trying to save my Saint Laurent bag simultaneously. The next day, I was a little nervous (and I’d chosen a Zara bag) but in the end, being in a helicopter was much less scary than being on a plane. You feel weightless, the take off is really easy, it’s really pleasant. AND THE VIEWS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!! I posted a bunch of them on Instagram, if you haven’t seen them yet… Well, that’ll teach you not to follow me. Pffff, come on, seriously. So anyway, I recommend going on a helicopter ride over New York. Experience of a lifetime, I say. Finally went to Quebec. I can’t believe it took me this long!!! I was welcomed like a queen and I gained five pounds, just like you should – the food is so good in Montreal!!! I already want to go back, it was fantastic, and it’s only one hour away from New York. I should totally take a helicopter to go there. Finally went to Germany. I mean, finally!!! It was great, and there again, everyone was so nice, and it was so beautiful, and so fun, and I ate so many sausages (yep, you have to honor the culture of the country you’re in!) and I already want to go back. Munich – amazing. Next time I’ll go to Berlin! So, there you go, for now. Long live summer, and if you still have a little vacation left, please enjoy it for me. Send some photos. Finish all the rosé. Big kisses! Oh yeah, so what about that Bucket Challenge? ———————— * Like every September, New York Fashion Week is going to fall on us while we still have sand in our hair and we’ll have to put away our sarongs with a tear in our eyes. ** No one should be that happy about the possibility of changing their hair color. Translated by Andrea Perdue

    Summer Recap

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 26 2014, 1:11pm

  • I went to Vienna to sleep in an artist’s bed. Positioned inside of tba21, a beautiful former studio now exhibition space inside of the even more beautiful Augarten in the 2nd district of Vienna, the bed is part of an exhibition also including two aviaries with two finches each and combined by a big scale, a giant floating tank, light and mushroom installations as well as two video works by the artist, Carsten Höller. Do you remember the exhibition in Hamburger Bahnhof where the giant hall was occupied with reindeers, even more finches, and a display of all shapes of fly agarics? And in the middle the giant bed? The Viennese version is a kind of re-installment of the Berlin exhibition, just a littler easier to digest for those staying over night. Like me. The view tba21, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, is showing Leben, an exhibition by the German-Belgian artist Carsten Höller, who created the fully functioning hydraulic bed, including mini bar and sockets. It is positioned in the center of the other works and can be elevated to 3,5m – and you can book a night to sleep there. Which means you’ll sleep over and at the same time inside of the installation, and, if you like, become a part of it. The finches. It’s strange to sleep in a museum, a place loaded with intellectuality, which always airs a certain holiness, something untouchable, and is definitely one of those places you’re not supposed to spend the night. That’s why I was so interested and immediately confirmed when the foundation invited me. I’ve been at tba21 before, as beautiful and approachable (thanks to the surrounding scenery) it is, it’s still an exhibition space, which I have a lot of respect for. So when we entered, we were quite shy about the whole thing, asked too many questions about what was allowed and what wasn’t. I guess one best appropriates a space by using it, especially when in such an intimate, unusual way. Because of course we  didn’t only enter and went straight to bed.

    After a long marveling at our site of sleep during the introduction tour, we wandered through the halls, watched the finches watching us, wondered how they felt about being part of the art piece Gimpelwaage. Or maybe whether they minded the whistled song, that was activated by a motion detector (and that they’re supposedly repeating). After we climbed up the stairs to the elevated floating tank called High Psycho Tank, wondering if we ever dared to enter the warm liquid with this awkward yellow-green tint. We watched the videos all by ourselves after having a bottle of wine with dinner at the restaurant next door, brushed our teeth even while watching the videos.

    Oh yes, the teeth brushing. Intended meant as a part of the artistic experience, guests receive a set of Insensatus, including an Activator and a female, male and infantile tooth paste, all created to enhance the qualities of dreams and the capacity to remember them. I wasn’t too courageous and “only” tried the activator with the female substance and couldn’t wait to tell my overnight guest my dreams the next morning. I definitely had some intense dreams that night, if induced by the unusual surrounding or by the paste I will never know. And although I remembered all just after waking up, I forgot them by now. Might have to run a few more tests in a more familiar environment.

    Carsten Höller’s exhibition Leben is open until Nov 23rd, at tba21 inside of Vienna’s Augarten.     The post Escape: Carsten Höller – Leben appeared first on Stil in Berlin.

    Escape: Carsten Höller – Leben

    Posted on stilinberlin.blogspot.com August 26 2014, 12:17pm

  • Not only is it time to start prepping our wardrobes for fall, but beauty routines as well. There is one big part of my summer routine I’m not ready to part with: air drying my hair. I haven’t picked up a blow dryer in almost 5 months. Once the weather hits 55 degrees I stash it away and let Mother Nature do the work. I love being at the beach, going for a swim, and sitting out in the sun letting my dry (with that perfect French texture, you know what I’m talking about). I’m even going to miss the wet look that is more than appropriate when sitting beach side…

    Air Dry

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 25 2014, 7:09pm

  • Great skin for people who love sleep.

    I really like sleeping. I love my bed. I loooooove it. So of course, I’m inclined to pick up a product that does some serious work while I’m sleeping. Nothing beats the feeling of waking up in the morning to smooth, glowing skin. I started using Darphin Aromatic Purifying Balm a few weeks ago. My skin had been breaking out a lot (rosé and the sticky city to blame) and I was looking for something that would calm it down a little bit. And of course, if I could find something that was all natural I was all in. Using it is easy: massage the balm, which has 12 different essential oils, all over your face (you don’t need a lot) and hit the sheets. I noticed results after the first night. I woke up with less spots, no redness and a smoother complexion. I was hooked. I’m trying my best to follow the directions on the back that recommend use 1-3 nights a week. It’s really, really hard to not grab it every single night, so I’m alternating it with a rose oil, which I’ve also found does wonders for clearing up my skin (remember, it’s an anti-inflammatory). Do you use a product that works overnight? And what is your go to for clear skin?

    Overnight Sensation

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 25 2014, 4:03pm

  • I’ve had a long time love for jumpsuits, even though I don’t wear them very often. It’s one of those pieces that becomes so easy to wear. You can wear it with flats or sneakers during the day and all it needs is a shoe change to wear out at night and dress it up a little bit. Emily even wore one to a black tie wedding last summer and it was totally cool. I love this one from Isabel Marant on Michele– the perfect piece to go from end of the summer into fall… (Yes, it’s really coming, we can’t keep avoiding it…) Jumpsuit, Isabel Marant; Heels, Jimmy Choo; Bag, Prada

    Total Ease

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 25 2014, 1:08pm

  • Have you already taken the chance and visited Otto Piene’s exhibition “More Sky” and the installation “The Proliferation of the Sun”, that’s shown at night at Neue Nationalgalerie and is one of the most beautiful and impressing exhibitions you can experience in Berlin this summer? Because it’s closing soon. Very soon, this Sunday to be precise. Piene created the piece in 1967 for a small Off-Broadway theater in New York, he called it a ‘poetic journey through space’. It is only shown at night, from 10pm till 3am. Seated on huge pillows, you’ll experience the projection of colorfully shimmering shapes, hand-painted onto more than 1000 glass slides, on the upper floor of the Mies van der Rohe building. On top of that, the bar of Pauly Saal was invited to join and created four cocktails inspired by Piene’s color compositions and use of contrast. They are served at one of the reception counters upstairs and you can enjoy them while watching. We’re having 5×2 cocktails reserved for you. Leave a comment under this post until tomorrow, Tuesday Aug 26th, at 14:00 and tell us which color contrast you like best. (Please make sure to add a valid e-mail address.) The post Art and Drink in Berlin: Otto Piene appeared first on Stil in Berlin.

    Art and Drink in Berlin: Otto Piene

    Posted on stilinberlin.blogspot.com August 25 2014, 11:36am

  • Malin is the mastermind behind “Bread Exchange” and one of the best sources for sourdough bread in Berlin – if you can catch her. Because an important aim of the project is to meet people and acquire knowledge about bread and baking all over the world. She now assembled many of the stories she collected over the years in a book, that will be published very soon (Oct 1st). It does not only include many tales about her own discovery of bread baking and her travels, but Malin also shares her knowledge about how to make sourdough out of the most basic ingredients. To support her and the Bread Exchange project, you can now pre-order the book on her site (until Sept 13th) and not only receive a signed copy, but also a limited edition bread bag! The post Get the Book: Bread Exchange appeared first on Stil in Berlin.

    Get the Book: Bread Exchange

    Posted on stilinberlin.blogspot.com August 25 2014, 10:47am

  • Nicole Warne aka Gary Pepper Girl is our Sunday Inspiration. 1st outfit: Vintage plaid skirt and scarf and white Nicholas Kirkwood boots. 2nd outfit: White Valentino coat.

    Sunday Inspiration: Nicole Warne aka Gary Pepper

    Posted on trendycrew.com August 24 2014, 1:36pm

  • Weekend Inspiration #187

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 24 2014, 1:00pm

  • Weekend Inspiration #186

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 23 2014, 1:00pm

  • I may not be actually going back to school, but here’s a few things I would like anyways.

    Even more ideas on my Pinterest.

    Back to School

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 22 2014, 4:31pm

  • Sarah Harris, British Vogue Fashion Writer. She is wearing a Valentino blue suede fringe dress, Chanel boots and a Louis Vuitton bag.

    Sarah Harris, Paris Fashion Week

    Posted on trendycrew.com August 22 2014, 4:09pm

  • My friends, Daphne and Pali, got married this summer, and it was so beautiful that that I wanted to share a few photos with you. Obviously, I wasn’t there in reporter mode, so these are just a few moments I caught – and a few pictures of Daphne’s dress.

    The first dress was hand made for her by Bill Bull, who has been working with Vogue for years and has an old school skill with an incredibly modern eye. The dress is one cut of fabric cut on the bias – so it took 10 fittings to get it to be perfect; every tiny adjustment would change everything. I love it’s amazing, very 90s simplicity. She also wanted a dress she could dance in, so she and Bill chose a dress from Lanvin – completely different from the first, ultra feminine and super fun. I’ll let you go with the photos – the wedding was upstate, it was beautiful, full of love and joy and dance and I wish them a lifetime of happiness. What about you? Do you know what type of dress you’d want for your wedding? Is it something you’re dreaming of? Click on the arrows to see more images… Translated by Andrea Perdue

    Daphne & Pali

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 22 2014, 1:39pm

  •    Igi / Place des Vosges / Paris   Igi travaille pour un magazine de mode brésilien (ELLE, il me semble). Je la croise   souvent pendant la semaine de la mode à Paris où elle vit. J'aime bien son côté   désinvolte vis-à-vis de la mode.   Top by H&M   Pants by Zara   Sandals and stades by Another Story   Bag by Rosanna Mattua (Brazil)   Perfume: Daisy by Mark Jacobs   Photo by Fred / Easy Fashion Paris   

    Igi / Place des Vosges / Paris

    Posted on easyfashion.blogspot.com August 22 2014, 10:43am

  • The weekends are for relaxing and to-doing.

    You know, making a to-do list and actually doing them. With fashion week coming up and leisurely summer weekends ceasing, I decided this past weekend to really check things off. Things like sewing those couch cushions, sorting through that huge pile of mail, writing thank yous, and deep apartment cleaning. For me the only way I can complete the task, is to write it down and strike them out as completed. How do you get things done? The On the Go Notepad. You can check out the whole collection on GaranceDoreGoods.com

    The To-Do List

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 21 2014, 8:54pm

  • I bought that tote at Zara in the spring and it’s been with me ever since. I love it, the leather is great, the color is amazing, and you can throw your entire life in it.

    It’s been to Corsica, to Germany, to Greece, to Canada and later today, it’s going to the Hamptons with me. All my other bags are super jealous (the girl who thinks her bags have a soul). No but seriously, Zara. Too good.

    My Summer Bag

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 21 2014, 7:35pm

  • I’m the first one to tell you to buy vintage.

    Some of my most special pieces were vintage finds (like my Celine jeans, which we should come back to). But what I found out recently was that the mens side is just as good. Somewhere in Manhattan is a man who buys women’s shoes because HIS feet are that small. And to him I say, Thank you for my all black Prada wingtips in a size 37! I’m not too squeamish to buying vintage shoes … I’m looking forward to scouring the mens section for big coats I can belt and chunky sweaters for fall, you never know when something might just be the perfect fit… Do you have any vintage shopping tips?

    Boys Side

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 21 2014, 4:02pm

  • You know those questions, the ones that you really really really want to ask, but don’t really know how or who to ask them too. These aren’t even the super tough questions, they are those basic oh duh everyone knows that so I can’t be the one to ask questions. You know, like do you wash your whites on hot or cold… So, I took it upon myself to answer some of these beauty related questions (with the help of some of my expert friends). Here is what the team at the Studio is asking…

    Which comes first, concealer or foundation? Ahhh the age old question. I say, foundation first. It will do your base layer of coverage so you’ll know exactly what needs extra help from your concealer. Which step in your routine is your sunscreen? Sunscreen should come after your moisturizer and before your makeup. Here is the full order of application: Toner, prescription medication or special treatment, serum, moisturizer and SPF. Or TPSMS. Of course, I realize this is a little bit of an intense routine (#beautyeditorproblems) so if you keep things more simple: moisturizer then sunscreen. And then of course if your have sunscreen built in to any products, then you are set. Really, at this point, as long as you are wearing sunscreen, I’m happy. Should you curl your lashes before or after you apply mascara? I’m only really able to answer this question because you all really helped me conquer my uneasiness with the curler. So, curl your lashes first. This will eliminate mascara build up on your lash curler and give your lashes a more natural look. When is the best time to trim your nails? Trimming your nails is typically easiest when they are soft, so after you shower or take a bath. If you have thicker nails, this time will be best for you! Of course make sure your hands and nails are dry, you don’t want any slips of the clipper. Ouch! Do you have to let your nails breathe between polish applications or is that a myth? Remember what Nadine said? “Putting lacquer on your nails endlessly is not always a good idea. Give them a break every once in a while. If you’ve had a manicure and you know you aren’t going to go for another two weeks, take your polish off at home when they start to chip or grow out.” How long should you keep your makeup for? I asked Sarah Lucero (celebrity makeup artist and Global Artistic Director for Stila) for some advice in this department because, confession: I’m a bit of a makeup hoarder, especially when it comes to lipstick and nail polish. So, here are some guidelines to follow when it comes to when you should be throwing out your products. Mascara: 2 months. If your mascara starts to get flakey, that is a sign that it’s dried out. Big brush wands tend to dry out quicker. Lipstick: 1 year. If the lipstick starts to smell strong, that is a sign it has gone bad. Foundation: 1 year. The foundation should remain the same texture as when you bought it. Keep it tightly closed and store it in a cool spot. Blush: 1 year for cream and powder blush. If the blush gets a dark film on the top layer, that means toss it. Sometimes brushes will transfer oil onto the powder and they harden and lose the glide of the pigment. Eyeshadow: 2 years for powder shadow and 1 1/2 years for cream shadow. When should you replace your bath sponge? Replace your bath sponge or loofa every few weeks. Sponges made from synthetic materials will last a little bit longer, but bacteria build up is unavoidable with something that lives in your shower. Hopefully there isn’t much else living in your shower… What step is eye cream? Remember TPSMS? Good. Now you can memorize TPESMS. Apply eye cream before your serum and/or moisturizer to help seal in the ingredients. Give it a minute or two to soak in before moving on to your next step. Can you mix products together? Be cautious when mixing products with SPF, retinol or prescription products. Mixing can alter the state of the ingredients and make them less effective. With something like a foundation and a simple moisturizer (a little DIY tinted moisturizer) you should be safe, just check your ingredients! How often should I wash or change my brushes? Alice talked to me about brushes a few months ago and she recommends washing your brushes once a week, depending on usage, using a mild shampoo or specific brush cleanser (I like this one). A quality brush should last you a few years, if you notice your brush starting to shed (remember Garance’s brush beard?) or the shape falling, it’s time to replace it. Do you floss before or after you brush your teeth? This is one of great debate. If you floss before your brush, you don’t run the risk of brushing pushing any food particles further into the spaces between your teeth. If you floss after, you get anything your toothbrush couldn’t reach. So maybe, do both? Your dentist will really like you. How much time shall I give my skin to adapt to a new product? Give yourself at least two weeks when trying out a new product to see how your skin reacts and to start seeing results. It’s always a good idea to test a product on your hand first (you’ll often find me at my desk dabbing things on the back of my hand #beautyeditorproblems), if you notice any immediate irritation, keep it far away from your face. Patience is a virtue my friends. What about you guys, do you have any weird / funny / stupid questions you ask yourselves ? We can (maybe answer !!!)

    Twelve Questions

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 21 2014, 1:03pm

  • As some of you already know, we’re always happy to find some nice vegetarian and vegan places in Berlin. Goodies* is one of our favorite spots in Friedrichshain for a healthy yet delicious lunch! So of course we had to include them in our weekly Kitchen Tunes series! Join us behind-the-scenes when listening to the same music that’s playing in the kitchen at Goodies*!

    The post Kitchen Tunes: Goodies* appeared first on Stil in Berlin.

    Kitchen Tunes: Goodies*

    Posted on stilinberlin.blogspot.com August 21 2014, 10:40am

  • Girl wearing a pink midi skirt and white jacket during Paris fashion week.

    Pink Midi Skirt, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com August 20 2014, 8:01pm

  • I don’t know why, but this photo really makes me think of Madonna’s album cover (be ready to dive straight into the 80’s), Like A Prayer. A total 10’s version (how do you call this decade? The 10’s?) of the cover that made a mark on me so much when I was a kid. So, obviously, I love the over-the-top jewelry with the distressed jeans. Yeah, even if I have a hard time admitting it because of her recent weird media theatrics that feel a tiny bit sad, I’m a fan of Madonna. So just for you, here is the cover :

    And here is the video as well.

    Aaaah, I love it ! Jeweled Bracelets, Givenchy

    Justify My Love

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 20 2014, 6:39pm

  • I’m experiencing a new level of model crush.

    I know it might be too early to say this, but I think this is my favorite spread of the September fashion magazines: W’s “Super Normal Super Models.” Kate, Lara, Daria, Raquel, Saskia, Mariacarla… they’re all there. And living the 90s inspired dream. Here are some of my favorite images. You can see the whole spread here!

    Photography by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott / Styled by Edward Enninful

    Super Model Mania

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 20 2014, 4:21pm

  • Such a pretty shirt — I love the tie dye (especially the blue, it reminds me of fisherman clothes, of Greece, and of vacation) and I’m even wearing one just like it right now!

    I’m also a big fan of wearing your bracelets high like this- makes for really pretty arms!

    Tie Dye

    Posted on garancedore.fr August 20 2014, 1:21pm

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