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  • new!

    A late sunday inspiration but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share some photos from blogger Peony Lim. I love her eclectic style. Make sure to visit her blog.

    Sunday Inspiration: Peony Lim

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  • new!

    Weekend Inspiration #153

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  • We are working on the next design of the blog…

    And are super excited about it! We want to know what you want to see in the next version. What do you like? What do you dislike? What should we change? How do you share posts and how often do you share? How do you get to the blog? Do you use a blog reader or click links from our Twitter? How often do you check the blog from a phone or tablet? Do you use the search tool to find old content or navigate using the top menu? Let us know in the comments! Thank you!! xo The Studio

    Blog Design

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 19 2014, 3:00pm

  • From the studio of Anna Karlin

    Weekend Inspiration #152

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 19 2014, 1:00pm

  • Sara is wearing skirt and shoes from Topshop, Celine bag, vintage denim jacket, Karen Walker sunnies, and Zara top. Zara has a really nice blog, Collage Vintage, where you can follow here daily outfits, streetstyle shots and fashion inspiration.

    Sara aka Collage Vintage, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com April 19 2014, 10:45am

  • It’s back!

    Holiday, a travel magazine published from 1946-1977, featured a cool group of writers and photographers (think Hemingway and Slim Aarons) taking readers on a trip around the world. The magazine has been revived (think Josh Olins, Glenn O’Brien and Inez & Vinoodh) with a new issue out now. I love the extra large format of the pages and the feeling of the paper. It’s one of those magazine that will never leave your coffee table! Here is a little look inside the Holiday world… Click on the arrows to see more images…


    Posted on garancedore.fr April 18 2014, 8:12pm

  • I love the white shirt! And I can’t wait to find the perfect one for Spring.

    Check out all my picks on Pinterest!

    Shopping Cart : Holiday Weekend

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 18 2014, 7:04pm

  • Coffee in your cup and money in your pocket with this app.

    This artist “captures” beautiful hummingbirds and butterflies for endless enjoyment. Love Matisse’s collages, love Matisse’s mind. Woody Allen rarely acts in films he doesn’t direct. He plays a pimp in this one. It’s always a good day when there is a new issue of Bad Day. Mr. Euro Trash himself, Jean Paul Gaultier. A weekly round up of the best links from Delphine & Wes Del Val.

    The Del Val #11

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 18 2014, 4:41pm

  • Don’t laugh– I know we should be wearing tee-shirts by now, but it’s so cold in New York that my idea of a perfect outfit would be to be able to wear a big soft sweater SANS COAT. PINK, TOO.

    Here, we don’t talk about the weather, it’s so crazy. Last weekend, one of our only nice weekends, people on the street were so elated I think we might have a baby boom just because of that. Big (cold) kiss !

    A Perfect Outfit

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 18 2014, 12:59pm

  • I’m heading to Las Vegas next week…

    …To celebrate my little sister’s birthday (which includes seeing Britney Spears!!!!) and I’m totally at a loss over what to wear… So, I asked myself the most important question I could think of: What would Emmanuelle Alt wear in Las Vegas (WWEAWILV)? I thought long and hard about EA’s key outfit elements: pants (really have you ever seen her in a skirt?), leather (pants, jackets, shirts), a strong jacket (shoulders–bam!), a shirt (unbuttoned…just enough) and a great pair of heels. And then I thought long and hard about Vegas: sun, pool, clubs, Britney Spears. Hmmm… I scoured collections past and present to find the perfect looks for both Emmanuelle and I that I can wear in Vegas. What did I come up with? It’s gotta be all Balmain, to the Bellagio and beyond.

    What do you think? Would Emmanuelle wear it in Vegas? Should I wear it in Vegas? Who wants to let me into the Balmain archives?

    The Vegas Altfit

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 17 2014, 8:19pm

  • …Worn by Alex eheheh. I had sort of a huge crush when I first saw them. A ton of images came back to me: My mom in the 80s with her rhinestones, Elvis, Madonna, Liz Taylor…

    And a ton of thoughts like: It’s the kind of shoe you don’t even need to wear. You can put them on your desk and there, it’s a sculpture. They’re so crazy that they’ll never go out of style. They would make any outfit look cool and thought about. So, I was already sold on them when… Scott walked by and offered them to me. Merci ;) Do you like them ?

    My Miu Miu!

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 17 2014, 7:30pm

  • We are working on the next design of the blog…

    And are super excited about it! We want to know what you want to see in the next version. What do you like? What do you dislike? What should we change? How do you share posts and how often do you share? How do you get to the blog? Do you use a blog reader or click links from our Twitter? How often do you check the blog from a phone or tablet? Do you use the search tool to find old content or navigate using the top menu? Let us know in the comments! Thank you!! xo The Studio

    Blog Design

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 17 2014, 3:46pm

  • I decided to change the way I eat. I don’t think I’m necessarily a bad eater. I like to cook, I try my best to bring my lunch and make dinner at home. I try to read labels but tend to skip over the ingredient portion and focus on the numbers instead (How much sodium? What’s the trans fat?). I’m a sucker for those “healthy” cereals and granola bars that promise loads of nutrients and lower calories. I’ve got that “if it’s big bold letters on the front of the box, it has to be legit” mentality.

    I tend to eat worse when I am on the go; I’ll grab something processed because it’s quick and easy and I won’t think twice about it. I will disclose that there is a Domino’s located a little too close to my apartment and every once in a while, I feel the need to eat one million Swedish fish… I’m not sure that Gwennie would approve of that. I read beauty product labels with more intensity then my Susan Miller horoscope so I started to ask myself why wasn’t I doing the same thing with food? If I can’t pronounce an ingredient (I’ll spend hours on the internet reading about silica dimethyl silylate) listed on a tube of lipstick, I try not to use it (keyword being try). But I can tell you that there are plenty of ingredients listed in those “healthy” granola bars I was eating that I couldn’t pronounce. I’m not running out the door with just any tube of lipstick because it was the closest one to my bag, so I shouldn’t be grabbing that random granola bar just because it’s there. It was time to take a step back and think more about what I was eating. I decided to try eating paleo for 30 days (I decided to do it for 30 days because that sounded best for a hashtag. I mean, what would you click on? #23daysofpaleo or #30daysofpaleo? That’s what I thought). Along with giving paleo a go, I decided to cut alcohol and make it a point to walk the two blocks to my gym more often. I didn’t go into this hoping to lose weight, I didn’t think of it as a diet at all, but more as a new way of eating and taking care of myself. Quickly, paleo is loosely based on what people were eating during the paleolithic era (loosely because I don’t think there were too many cavemen eating almond butter). You can have meat (grass-fed, free-range), fish, eggs (cage free), vegetables, fruit and some nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews). No processed foods, no added sugar, no dairy, no legumes (that means no peanut butter), no soy and no wheat or grains. Yeah, even when I write that now I know that it sounds a little bit crazy. Paleo isn’t saying that things like legumes or grains are unhealthy, they just don’t happen to be a part of the plan. [Side Note: With this, I also did 30 Days of No Dating. It wasn't that it was super hard to find something to eat at most restaurants, but I didn't really want to have to explain my no dressing, no cheese, can I have extra greens and is there dairy in that soup? questions on a first date for fear that my food neuroses would scare away my potential future husband.] At first it was really hard. Like really, really hard. I wanted chocolate, I wanted cheese (mostly I wanted cheese). But after the first 5 days, I started to get used to it. I made my breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks everyday (okay, except that time I bought kale chips to fill my popcorn craving when I went to see Grand Budapest Hotel). I ended up cooking every single day and tried to prep my breakfasts and snacks for the week on Sunday nights. For me, the snacks were key (I made my own granola bars! It was so easy! Let me know if you want the recipe!) because I’m a grazer, so I eat a little bit throughout the day. In my 30 days, I went through a 32 oz. tub of raw almonds that I had sitting on my desk (okay, Garance helped a little bit). The first thing I noticed after I started eating paleo was that I was sleeping better. I wasn’t tossing and turning, I just slept through the night (my Sleep Cycle app will prove it). The next thing? I had more energy. I didn’t hit a wall at 4pm and go out in search of something sweet to perk me back up. I felt totally energized. My body just felt better. I wasn’t feeling sluggish and I didn’t feel bloated. I didn’t eat something and feel overly stuffed afterwards, I wasn’t falling victim to any food comas. My skin improved drastically, it felt balanced, it felt brighter (going without alcohol was a big part of that, because I can feel the effects on my skin after just one drink). It’s crazy how much what you eat impacts how you feel, and to be honest, I didn’t realize the full scope of “you are what you eat” until I did this. I kept thinking, “Wow, this is how I should feel everyday and it’s 100% connected to how I’m eating.” My official 30 days ended about three weeks ago, but I’m still eating paleo 85% of the time (I’ve added brown rice, quinoa, and little bit of chocolate– the darker the better) and I still feel really good. I’ve paying more attention to the way I eat (still nothing processed, no gluten, no dairy) which yes, takes maybe a little bit more money and time, but I promise you, that good feeling is well worth it.

    You are what you eat.

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 17 2014, 1:13pm

  • Finding good links is like finding hidden eggs on Easter sunday, sometimes it takes you a long time, but in the end you get the Easter egg made of the best chocolate with the sweetest fillings. This week, thanks to Easter, the Links in Berlin come early: a decorated basket full of lovely interviews, photo essays and some tips for delicious food… Have you seen Wes Anderson’s “Grand Budapest Hotel” already? You have, of course you have… (I didn’t…) And now you’re looking for a place with equal odd grandeur? Atlas Obscura found it hidden in the woods of Brandenburg. David Bowie loved and loves and will always love Berlin – Martin Gropius Bau will open an exhibition on Bowie’s life and work in coming May, Monopol now published a little preview for what will be on view. (His Berlin keys, for example.) A couple of weeks past I’ve been to an opening in a basement at Molkenmarkt, where I felt like entering a Techno club in ca. 1996 somewhere in Dresden, descending steel stairs with the rattling techno music getting louder and louder the deeper you go and then downstairs it’s all raw concrete and bright laser lights. Without knowing, I visited KM Temporaer, an independent art space founded by Elisa R. Linn and Lennart Wolff, who are actually based in New York but like to spend their times in Berlin – artfridge interviewed them on their current exhibition “surplus living” and the economical value of leisure and pleasure. Another sweet discovery comes from the folks over at Cee Cee who seem to roam the streets of Neukölln for new stores and cafés on a daily basis. Now they found a store for Polish mid-century furniture. You read that right, and it looks great. THAI PARK IS BACK. (Once you’ve been there, you know why this announcement requires capital letters.) And Sylee seriously recommends to look out for the “leaf-lady”. Another crazy Thai place in Berlin is Samakki Talad, a Thai Imbiss on Kantstraße, which I heard many ravings about but thought was closed by now, but Exberliner found out it’s still open. For all days when the weather is too bad for Thai Park. I’m not a lover of Mexican food, I like it, but it will never get my foodie-heart jumping for joy… Luckily, other’s aren’t as clueless and James from Uberlin has a pretty good sounding suggestion on Urbanstraße (of all places…).

    Links in Berlin: Easter happiness

    Posted on stilinberlin.blogspot.com April 17 2014, 12:04pm

  • Natalie Joos wearing an orange Stella Mccartney dress and a blue Delvaux bag.

    Natalie Joos in Orange, Paris Fashion Week

    Posted on trendycrew.com April 17 2014, 11:07am

  • What does a city girl wear for gardening?!

    Wait, gardening? I’ve been going upstate on the weekends (yeah yeah, I know, Upstate, where everyone else will be too, great getaway) to a beautiful old manor on a seriously massive plot of land. The barn itself would be a city block. Well, this past weekend was the first time there wasn’t any snow covering the ground, whoohoo! It was also the first time we saw all the sad, sad, little flower beds overgrown with weeds and dried plants. Suddenly, there I was, in tuxedo pants, a tank top and fresh white sneakers using the only tool I had available, my hands, pulling and yanking out everything that wasn’t supposed to be there. I’m no Martha Stewart but I was really making a difference, there were beautiful daffodils hiding under there! Then I realized, I was WEARING TUEXDO PANTS. What the? Why the? How ridiculous do I look? Should I have somne kind of an apron on? Those plastic shoes with holes in them and socks? A big sun hat? Then there is the Grey Gardens, Beale sister approach: wear a fur, tie my hair with a silk scarf and just forget about the garden all together. My plan for next weekend is to take along, wait for it… jean shorts! Plus a button up, rain boots and a vintage basket (I’m not sure what for, but it feels very Audrey Hepburn to me, and I can’t go wrong with following in those foot steps right??). Any tips for making my gardening look work?

    Tuxedo Gardening

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 16 2014, 8:05pm

  • I’m not quite ready for a true Birkenstock.

    I picked up these at H&M last week in hopes they would warm me up to the idea of Birks. Baby steps, ya know? Anyway, I like the simplicity and the fact that if I wear them to the ground, I won’t break the bank replacing them. Now I need I just need a pedicure… Sandals, H&M, $25.


    Posted on garancedore.fr April 16 2014, 3:52pm

  • I don’t know at what point in history shopping became its own activity entirely — yesterday I tried to watch The Paradise*, which takes place during the Victorian era in London, and even back then, we see young women swooning over fancy lace and spending all their money** on perfumes, and some are even able to use their clothes to up their social status. This doesn’t surprise me. There’s a particular pleasure in shopping — it’s both intimate and social. It’s a way to enjoy yourself and communicate something at the same time. That’s especially true today, and it even goes far beyond that… Today, you can build an entire career based on shopping. Don’t take my word for it. Careers are rare. But let’s take a look at some recent phenomena…

    Personal Style Bloggers There are more and more of them all the time, they are getting cuter and cuter, and their wardrobes are always overflowing. And also – it’s like a sport : as Alexia said in the comments on Monday — some girls never wear the same thing twice. They look like they have dream lives** running from plane to plane, taking three photos of copious breakfasts with Valentino Studs in the foreground and the Eiffel Tower in the background. They aren’t technically stylists or models. I’m not even sure they could dress anyone other than themselves. They are…experienced shoppers. And it works! Most of the time, they’re really good at mixing brands, inspiring, and promoting young, local designers we wouldn’t have heard of otherwise, which is great… Some of them make real careers out of it. Why not? But at the same time, does this shopping hysteria correspond in any way to reality? The answer is clearly no. I get dizzy just thinking about how all the changes and clothes organizing (getting it, sorting it, folding it, hanging it, trying it on, sending it back****) every day. But it’s great eye candy, and as long as we don’t find ourselves freaking out when we look at these blogs “but why don’t I have a different pair of pumps every day and the Eiffel Tower behind me!?!?!” I’m totally ok with it. Victoria Beckham I love what Victoria Beckham does, and she explains it really well herself: After so many years of shopping, she knows exactly what she wants to find when she goes shopping. So she created her own brand based on her experience. And she does a great job of it. She puts her whole shopping philosophy to work in her career. When she launches her line of handbags, they’re perfect. You have to admit she has plenty of experience with perfection given her 100 + Birkins. I can’t wait to see what her stores are like. Kim Kardashian I don’t know if we can really call it shopping (But at the same time, she really shops — remember when I ran into her at Isabel Marant? She was trying on clothes and showing everything to Kanye… No stylist in sight), but she’s worth mentioning because she’s the most recent example of rehabilitation by clothes and only clothes (okay, a little bit of Kanye as well) — and that alone turned her from reality tv star (“Boooh!!!”) into a Vogue cover model (“Aaaaah!!!”) Because really, unlike some celebrities who change their image to mark a career change, Kim didn’t change anything but her clothes. Whether you like it or not, she is using her private life to create an empire, and she still uses her name to sell all kinds of things, chic or not, to her fans. But now she knows how to dress, and our opinion of her (oh la la, you guys got SO mad at me when I said I liked her new looks!) is going to change. A year from now, she’ll be on Vanity Fair’s best dressed list, and one day we will have completely forgotten that Kim Kardashian used to show off her booty in Hervé Léger. We’re going to think she’s chic. We’re going to start talking about her irony-free. Without having to apologize or explain like everyone does these days why-she’s-actually-cool-if-you-really-think-about-it. We’ll start describing her as an experienced business woman with flawless style. No, seriously! You’ll see! And all of that will happen just because she is a smart shopper. It’s funny, don’t you think? Ok guys, I’ll let you go. I have some shopping to do! ———— *It’s on Netflix. Not great so far. Have you seen it? **Well — they spent all their family’s money, anyway. It’s not like women worked back then* *No, they didn’t work, they plotted. Or at least that’s what all the films would have us believe. All the men were at war, and all the women were sitting around plotting schemes. Pfffff. *** Ok, I mean, it’s the Internet dream life. Let’s not fool ourselves! **** No, they’re not all rich, some of them just really know what they’re doing. And, uuuum, sending back clothes they ordered? Which is? Not a good idea. It’s always when you decide to do that, that you end up with a coffee that decides to spill itself (oops!) on your $10,000 dress. Translated by Andrea Perdue


    Posted on garancedore.fr April 16 2014, 1:11pm

  • Berlin is gorgeous these days, luscious green trees meet blush pink blossoms everywhere, people are radiating pure happiness thanks to superblue skies and abundance of sunshine, only interrupted by showers of rain to spruce up the thriving nature even more. It’s the best of times to visit our lovely city and I’ve got some tips to share for a sweet weekend in Berlin! All places are linked with our reviews, so click away! First: Breakfast Starting the day right is crucial if you only have a weekend in a city, no one enjoys watery coffee and a floppy pastry. Better indulge in some Eggs Benedict and/or crispy croissant and cappuccino topped with soft milky foam, right? If you’re in Mitte, I suggest you get your first meal of the day at 3 Minutes sur Mer, a beautiful French bistro on busy Torstraße, serving delicious poached eggs and crunchy Müsli. In case you’re out West, opt for a traditional breakfast served on an étagère at Café Einstein – if the weather is sunny enough, bring a warming scarf and sit outside in their wonderful garden. I love the delicate French patisserie at at Salon Sucre in Kreuzberg. Best. Croissants. Ever. Even more options: Du Bonheur, Chipps, Meierei, Café Valentin Yves-Klein-Blue skies. Then: Sightseeing! Still in Mitte? And your first time in the city? Do the classic tour, start at Alexanderplatz and walk down Unter den Linden until you reach Brandenburger Tor, take a detour through Regierungsviertel and along Schloss Bellevue, and arrive at Siegessäule. Once finished, you’ve seen most of the important sights. If you started your day in the south, I highly recommend you visit Berlinische Galerie and their current exhibition of Dorothy Iannone’s artworks. Or you head up to Niederkirchnerstraße, a fairly short street off Wilhelmstraße where defining decades of Berlin history come together. Along the street the Topography of Terror outdoor museum is located on the premises of the former main headquarters of GeStaPo and SS, just framed by a piece of the GDR wall, and opposite sits a major Third Reich building, later used as founding site for the GDR, now Ministry of Finance. Also on this street is the museum Martin Gropius Bau, currently showing Ai Wei Wei. It’s all there, on one street! In case you’ve seen all of the above already and have enjoyed your breakfast out West, take a bus to go to Teufelsberg, a hill made of rubble from the war and then topped with a listening station of the US NSA, with the ruins still there, making a very good instagram. Now: Lunch! Ugh, there’s just too many places to check out… in Mitte I’d go for Yarok for very fine and fast Syrian food, or a delicious Korean dish at Yam Yam, Sababa has the perfect hummus, or get a pastrami at Mogg&Melzer, or you indulge in German, oftentimes rather heavy food at Lebensmittel in Mitte… So hard to make a decision. Even more tips are in our lunch Guide. Still on the other side of the Tiergarten? Perfect! Because now you can enjoy the many fantastic Asian spots around Kantstraße, like Japanese Soba noodles at Heno Heno, Chinese noodles at Lon-Men or a perfect Japanese fried chicken Katsudon at Daruma. You’ll have the best falafel in Kreuzberg at a hole-in-the-wall place called Mo’s Kleiner Imbiss, or get sushi for take-away at Musashi and sit down by Landwehrkanal. In the mood for healthy vegan food? Get it at Pêle Mêle. Next: Enjoy the sun! Berlin has dozens of parks and green sites to enjoy, if this is your main purpose, I highly recommend taking the long walk along Landwehrkanal, starting at Schlesische Straße and then strolling under the blossoming trees through all of Kreuzberg, Tiergarten until you meet the mouth of Spree. The full route is about 10km, but no worries, there are many cafés to stop and have coffee and cake and the walk is also beautiful if not completely finished. If you’re up for a little Ausflug, go to Park Babelsberg, situated on the riverside of Havel opposite the city of Potsdam. The park was designed in the midst of the 19th century and commissioned by Prince William, later Emperor William I and his wife, Augusta. It is not only a pretty landscape but features impressing 19th century architecture, all mimicking various Gothic styles. Like a neo-Gothic palace, a smaller palace in the style of the Tudors, a sailor’s house in the style of German Gothic and much more. It’s almost like a 19th century Disney Land, it’s seriously odd and highly pleasant at the same time.

    Finally: Shopping! Mitte is THE shopping district in Berlin – check our guides for Torstraße and Mulackstraße for a myriad of options to spend your money. The West is home to the biggest high-street stores ever, lining Kurfürstendamm and, even more, its extension Tauentzienstraße, but there are some independent and thus often more interesting shops to be found – like the beyond beautiful concept store of Andreas Murkudis or the remarkable selection of teas at my favorite tea-store Paper & Tea. And then the flea markets, try the ones at Fehrbelliner Platz, Rathaus Schöneberg and of course the antique market at Straße des 17. Juni. Don’t forget about Kreuzberg, home to my favorite fashionable store Voo, the lovely Süper Store and of course the excellent book and magazine shop Motto. Gladly: Dinner! To highlight a glorious day, choose one of the many fine dining places for your dinner. Mitte is king in contemporary dinner experiences and I’d say you give Katz Orange or Pauly Saal a try for a take on exquisite German food. A little more casual is Das Lokal, serving local and seasonal dishes in a beautiful atmosphere. Out West it’s again all Asian, if you ask me – go for very good Sichuan food at Hot Spot, or enjoy Thai deliciousness at Dao. If you’re up for a treat, get your dinner at Glass. Kreuzberg and Neukölln are also full of great dinner places, like the inventive and delicious Nansen, the meat-heavy Turkish BBQ at Adana or the full Italien experience at Lavanderia Vecchia. Reservations with all of these are highly recommended. At last: Drinks! Omigod, what a weekend. Finalize it with excellent drinks, I say! Either you go with complex and elaborate cocktails at Schwarze Traube in Kreuzberg oder Buck&Breck in Mitte, or you’re more up for an old-style Berlin experience at Diener at Savignyplatz in Charlottenburg. Add-on: Easter! Hide your eggs in Plänterwald, underneath rotting Dinosaurs plastics from the soon to be remodeled Spreepark! Get a jump-start into summer with the Big Easter Weekend opening Badeschiff season and featuring tasty Bite Club, vintage fashion by Sing Blackbird and a carousel at Hoppetosse! Kavita Meelu’s newest adventure is called Imbiss Takeover – a small Imbissstand at Reichenbergerstrasse in Kreuzberg will be taken over by foodies, this Easter Saturday by Bao Kitchen presenting Taiwanese fried chicken.

    Guide: A Spring Weekend in Berlin

    Posted on stilinberlin.blogspot.com April 16 2014, 12:24pm

  • “Morning: My mum, Satya Lall, is a facialist and has engrained a cleansing and toning regime in me since I was 15. I wake up and wash my face with Decleor foaming mousse, and that’s just with water. Then I like to put an oil on and then a face cream, Hydra Floral from Decleor.

    For makeup, casting wise it has to be kept quite natural. So concealer by MAC, a little bit of eyebrow gel and sometimes, if I’m up for it, Maybelline Colossal mascara. Then some Lucas Papaw for a natural gloss. If I’m really going out I’ll add some eyeliner and some blush or a bronzer. I’ve got this really nice palette from Soap & Glory. I use tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier. That’s if I’m going out or having a bad day and just want to even out the skin tone. Day: I carry Caudalie Eau de Beauté, L’Occitane Hand Cream, Soap & Glory Hand Maid Cleansing Gel and Lucas Papaw. Night: I remove it all with cleanser and toner from Decleor. And I like a night balm and then some eye cream.” - Keisha Lall

    A beauty minute with Keisha

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 15 2014, 8:17pm

  • Here is a little beauty chemistry lesson for you!

    You’ve probably heard of Hyaluronic Acid before. It’s one of those ingredients that gets a lot of buzz. And you’re probably like, huh? It’s okay, I was confused/scared at first too (ah, acid!) but here is everything you need to know about it (and why it’s good for your skin!): Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by our skin and helps to keep skin hydrated, plump and smooth. As we get older, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases (which means wrinkles). Okay, here is where I get really science-y on you: hyaluronic acid can hold 1000 times it’s weight in water, which means it keeps your skin really crazy hydrated. There are two ways to go about restoring that HA glow to your skin: fillers (injected by your doctor) or using moisturizers and serums with the magic ingredient. Using products with HA will help to keep your skin hydrated, smooth and will improve elasticity– ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. If you are scanning the back of your serum now, it’s likely listed as “sodium hyaluronate” (the salt form of HA) in the ingredient list. Some products with HA to try? Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum, Estée Lauder’s Advance Night Repair Recovery Complex and Peter Thomas Roth VIZ-1000 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex.

    Hyaluronic Acid

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 15 2014, 7:23pm

  • When it comes to the white shirt, what kind of bra are you wearing?

    Sometimes I pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear my white button downs with a black bra, something soft and delicate. You know, to keep the boys interested (just kiddding mom!). Other times I’m going for nude, a little something that won’t be at all noticable. And I never wear a white bra with a white shirt, because I feel like that stands out even more than a black bra. Nude? Black? Red? White? What’s your bra + white shirt formula? PS: The bra in this photo is by Carine Gilson!

    What about the bra?

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 15 2014, 3:39pm

  • You know it: I loooooove white shirts. I love them, I never get tired of them and last season, when I saw them popping everywhere on the runway I was all: get ready this is going to be my season. (There was also a lot of cropped tops on the runway and I was all: this is gonna be a tough season).

    Here are three most important facts about the white shirt that make it awesome: - It’s versatile and can be worn from a lazy Sunday to a red carpet ( if you’re Sharon Stone, all right?). - It works with everything and even with nothing – a little bit longer, and it’s a perfect dress! - It’s perfect to cover up in in the summer. My shooting outfit for summer is always an oversize white painters shirt: it protects my arms from the sun (not 100%, I still have to put sunscreen!) and I stay cool. So, now everything I’ve see on the runway is in the stores and it’s time for action – we made a little selection of our favorites. Mine is definitely the Junya one with the fringes. Which one do you prefer ? In the photos : Stella McCartney , Maximalist Junya Watanabe, Bracelets Aurelie Bidermann lace cuff and lasso cuff, Earrings Aesa , Downtown Acne , Sneaker Adidas x Topshop , Delicate The Row , Tomboy Alexander Wang, Earrings Bing Bang , The Classic Equipment , Necklace Aesa, Ring Jennifer Fisher

    White Shirts

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 15 2014, 1:13pm

  • What makes a shop a favorite? It should offer so many beautiful things to discover that you spend more time in it than you initially planned to, right? And on the top of it, everything should be reasonably priced, so that you just can’t decide what to go for. And then, after you’ve purchased a little something, you should be already excited to come back to get more – that’s ting!

    From interior decorations to stationery and accessories – at ting, you’ll find things you never know you wanted, but are even more happy to finally own them. It’s like a concept store for lovers of little things: small knitted puppets, colorful baskets, organic soaps, colorful masking tapes and so much more. Whether it’s a woolen plaid, a handmade notebook or an organic lip balm – all of these either scream „treat yourself“ or, even better, „treat a friend“!

    ting means ’things‘ in Danish, as well as ’take your time’ in Chinese, and Laura, the owner, describes her concept as follows: “beautiful things from the nearby North to the Far East”. She opened the shop after years of traveling, to also make sure she can collect all the ting she encounters on her myriads of ways and bring them home to Prenzlauer Berg.

    Located on the pretty Rykestraße, lined with blossoming trees, cute cafés and small restaurants, ting needs to be a stop on your Prenzlauer Berg shopping spree. In case you can’t make it, there’s also an online shop with a selection of what’s available in store.

    Time passed quickly when I browsed the shelves and chatted to Laura, who greets all customers with a sweet smile. Obviously, I couldn’t leave the store without buying something for myself: a delicate tea-light holder made from porcelain – I consider it only the beginning of a wonderful collection for my home.

    Shop in Berlin: ting

    Posted on stilinberlin.blogspot.com April 15 2014, 8:49am

  • It has been my life mission (okay, this life mission started only a few years ago) to find the best top coat in all of the land.

    And so far, I’ve found three! Three shiny, chip proof, super wonderful top coats. And because I am kind and generous and really really really thoughtful, I’m sharing them with you! Ten Over Ten, The Shield: I’m already hooked on the Ten Over Ten base coat (The Foundation) and the top coat is just as good. Added bonus, It’s 5-free. Dior, Gel Coat: I’ve been trying to break my gel habit, but it’s hard giving up 14 days of chip free nails. This top coat is helping with the breakup, it really looks like a gel. Kure Bazaar, Final Touch: Packs some serious shine punch (also non-toxic). This is only the beginning of my hunt, stay tuned… Oh, and let me know what top coats you think are the best!

    The Top Coat

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 14 2014, 9:24pm

  • I shall invest in timeless jewelry…

    While getting dressed recently for our Open Studios , my sweet admirer mentioned that my look would be REALLY great with a beautiful watch or bracelet. I stopped, and said “ Well, that would be nice wouldn’t it… if I had like, even one truly noteworthy piece of accessory to adorn my body.” And so, this was my thought process when I first saw the Saint Laurent bracelet. Simple, clean lines, not too round and not too sharp and of course GOLD! It was perfect, I would take four! Slow down Brie, you will take one so you can eat next week and you will adore that bracelet as though it was a gift from Yves himself. Voila. My first outfit enhancing pice of jewelry to last a lifetime. (My lifetime, I will be buried with that bracelet ;) )

    Studio Finds : Saint Laurent

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 14 2014, 5:41pm

  • Stacie Chen chinese fashion consultant. She is wearing Apu Jan coat, Fendi bag, Miu Miu shoes and Anderne sunglasses.

    Stacie Chen, Paris Fashion Week

    Posted on trendycrew.com April 14 2014, 3:05pm

  • It’s really an adventure keeping a blog in the 10’s. What started out as a simple journal got bigger, and it evolved as the internet has been revolutionizing our lives. At the same time, print magazines that we all love so much had a hard time adapting to the unsustainable pace of the internet, and we’ve seen a lot of the old systems around us crumble. The reader (me, you!) who used to feel somewhat distant from the press, journalists, and fashion, now understands that everything is within arm’s reach. Has access to behind the scenes, and understands the relationship has developed with advertisers (you give me an ad, I’ll give you an article) and money — the key motivator behind it all, because it’s a matter of survival for magazines. And not the measly four dollars we pay for the magazine, weren’t we stupid to believe that. The internet is free, open, fluid, and shared — it’s different.

    Then e-shops come on the scene. Amazing!!! People buy things online. We never would have imagined it. In the beginning, advertisers are careful, trying to see how to reproduce the comfortable system that had been in place with magazines. Times have changed, but people — they’re the same. And it works, of course. The problem with a free, fluid, global system, is that there aren’t any rules. Some people with blogs have tried to mobilize (Independent Fashion Bloggers) to keep from falling back into the same system that made us lose confidence in print. But that hasn’t really worked. Not having any rules means that we are free to say yes to any business opportunity. But it also means we can say no. Then a new generation arrives — a generation who has grown up with smartphones in their hands, and a totally different way of thinking than the previous generation. They read through these commercial systems in a blink and they can navigate them with no problem at all. It’s perfectly normal to take a selfie every three seconds, perfectly normal to broadcast your engagement (especially if you’ve rented out an entire football stadium for the occasion), and it’s perfectly normal to be paid when you talk about a brand. A totally different frame of reference. As for advertisers, the cogs haven’t stopped turning. After a few years of playing with the internet, they’re ready to pounce. Since there aren’t any rules, it’s their time to occupy the territory. We can do so much more online than we could on paper! People share information for us, and it goes so much further than we could have imagined! And this new generation is having fun with it! Let’s do it. Now’s the time. So every day, I get emails offering to pay me for publicity. I don’t mean ads in the sidebar, too easy. I mean, I’m asked to advertise in my editorial content, and in my social media networks, with no clear distinction between the ads and the content of my articles — and that completely shakes my value system. You see, I’m not against money. It allows me to do lovely things for my blog. Better design, more beautiful photos, nicer stories. I’ve explained to you how I work here, and it’s still the same today. I say no a lot. Too much, sometimes. That said, I like to explore what modernity has to offer. And I like the brands I work with. They offer me great projects, they provide an amazing outlet for my creativity, and they allow me to do things I wouldn’t have been able to do without their financial support. The brands I choose to work with respect my readers. I meet people in the industry who are passionate about what they do — in short, there’s no reason to make them the bad guys, especially if you can choose them according to your own tastes. Every day, with my agent and my team, we talk about the best way to respect our blog, and to respect you — our intelligent and educated readers who’ve got it all figured out (I know this because I meet you as often as I can, and I read all your comments)(speaking of meeting you, last week I taught a class at Yale! See photo “teacher G” up there), while also adapting to this world that’s changing every second. After putting a lot of thought into trying to understand this new publishing world, and taking a look at how other people work, whether their blogs are fully sponsored or not — I decided to take a thoughtful, honest, and simple approach. Any content on the blog that is done in collaboration with a brand is clearly indicated. No posts will have a hidden sponsor — we will continue to adapt to the world that’s changing around us, but you will always be clearly informed. For everything else, if I don’t say anything, it means the content doesn’t have any particular financial backing.* We do work with affiliated links, which is one of the simplest and most open ways to work (no direct contact with stores or brands, and no editorial pressure). Brands like Zara or Céline, who are not part of any affiliated networks, (yep, on the total opposite end of the spectrum, some brands have things in common!) continue to appear on the blog — very often, in fact. We don’t choose content based on our affiliated partners. Everything else is simply a matter of confidence and communication between you and us. Having strict rules hasn’t stopped the press from getting involved in a complicated, dependent relationship with advertisers — and it’s exactly this lack of flexibility and honesty that’s bringing the press down today. It’s too bad, and I really hope that magazines will be able to weather the storm. As for me, I’m excited to be a part of this new era and to redefine what it means to be a blogger today. It looks like this constant state of revolution is what the future has in store for us. To thrive in that kind of environment, you have to stay simple, authentic, and adaptable. Make up your own rules. Stay faithful to yourself. Listen to feedback. And above all, don’t be afraid to question the way you do things. And that goes for a blog just like it does for a career — or any aspect of our lives. We never get bored, eh? I’m here this morning if you have any questions. Hugs and kisses! ——— *For example, when I published the film I made with L’Oréal on Thursday, they obviously called me and paid me to make the film, but they did not pay me to post it on the blog, and it wasn’t guaranteed that I’d share it (Some people say, “You’re crazy! You should have sold them the ad space!” But it is what it is) I just posted it because I love it. Can you see a lemon in the photo (???), a photo of me as a Professor at Yale with a perfect Schott x Edith A. Miller jacket, an old pair of Zara jeans, and my beloved Common Projects (I brought heels, but they aren’t very into heels at Yale), my Krysos + Chandi rings, a WXYZ bracelet (it’s not mine, but it’s super beautiful anyway), my MAKE eyeliner, and my Diptyque lip balm (I love their new beauty line — it’s sublime) and I’m saving the best for last — MY MIU MIU SHOES THAT ARE INSAAAANE — I’LL TALK YOUR EARS OFF ABOUT THEM SOON. I love them so much. Kisses! Translated by Andrea Perdue.

    Editor’s Letter #4

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 14 2014, 1:13pm

  • When I had a Sichuan dish for the first time, I was entirely confused – it was way too spicy for my palate and evoked an unsettling sour taste in my mouth and yet it was so delicious, I just couldn’t stop eating it. Months later, I learned about Sichuan pepper, which is actually not a pepper, but much closer related to the citrus group, hence the lemonlike or acidic taste and started to understand the wonders of Chinese cooking. One of my favorite Sichuan dishes is Mapo Tofu (although it is still rather painful to eat, but still so enjoyable, you know… a dilemma!), which is why I was beyond excited to see that Hot Spot, a Chinese restaurant in Wilmersdorf that I’ve heard so many people raving about, has a vegetarian version on the menu. And so much more… Chicken Gongbao (12,90 Euro) As said, Hot Spot came up dozens of times when I asked friends what their favorite Chinese restaurant in Berlin was. It is, of course, located out West, almost at the rear end of Kurfürstendamm. When I first entered it I was almost surprised about the rather minimalist interior, foregoing on most of the colorful decor and heavy furniture one’s used to from Chinese restaurants in Germany. Hot Spot rather presents its huge selection of European wine, especially German Riesling, also unusual, and some quirky posters with Chinese motifs. Salted pork belly The menu is big, featuring such dainty sounding dishes like braised lion’s heads (13,90 Euro) or salted pork belly (13,00 Euro), smoked green tea duck (17,90 Euro) and, as mentioned, Mapo Tofu. Originally a dish combining tofu and minced pork meat cooked with beans, chili and sichuan pepper, Hot Spot offers it without the meat (as well as with, 12.00 Euro each). Something that sounds so simple, but can be surprisingly hard to find – in case you know other places, let me know! Anyhow, I loved it. It’s marked with three chilis (the menu goes up to four, just so you know) and is as numbing as Sichuan-cuisine-fans will like it. Numbing? Yes, that’s actually the word used to describe the effect of Sichuan food. I was confused too, at first, but once you get used to it, you won’t be able to stop. It’s such an usual taste.

    Pickled cucumbers on the vegetarian starter’s plate.

    Chinese in Berlin: Hot Spot

    Posted on stilinberlin.blogspot.com April 14 2014, 11:19am

  • Russian fashion designer Vika Gazinskaya during several seasons of Paris Fashion Week.

    Sunday Inspiration: Vika Gazinskaya

    Posted on trendycrew.com April 13 2014, 1:54pm

  • Weekend Inspiration #151

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 13 2014, 1:00pm

  • Baby monitors are considered as a nursery accessory that parents can rely on, in fact, it’s hard to imagine a life without them these days. They can come in handy if your baby’s room is two or three rooms away from your bedroom, but some also have extended reception ranges so they can be used when you’re visiting your neighbours. On top of that, they can be an essential tool if you are staying in a hotel or an unfamiliar environment. Modern-day baby monitors can do more than just alerting you if your baby is making noise. Some brands and models on the market have features that can check your baby’s temperature, tunes, and night lights, and there you can also find models that allow you to talk to your baby (so called two-way systems) which can be great for soothing them from the comfort of your living room. Baby monitors with extra features Some models with extra features come with a hefty price tag. Thus (at least if you’re on a budget), it is important to know whether you really need the extras in order to keep an eye on your baby, because there are thing you can do without. The top-performing models can already offer you the basic things you need, they are easy to use and reasonably priced.

    What elements to look for in baby monitors On the baby’s unit, you will find models that are either operated by attaching it to a power outlet or using a battery. Obviously, battery operation is necessary if you need to use the monitor in areas where power is out, and if you frequently have power outages in your area this should be top of your list as well. On the parent’s unit you also need mains and battery operation, because in this way you can carry the unit in and around the house. The very least it must have is a volume control, a light display and a belt clip. Other basic features both units (parent’s and baby’s) must have are battery condition indicator, power-on light, different frequencies, automatic battery back-up and a long cord so it will be easier for you to set the unit up. Just look for a few baby monitor reviews you can trust, plus of course it is always best to choose a monitor you can afford. This may sound like a ‘duh’ tip, but you’d be surprised to see how much people spend on products just because they have features that sound cool. Really, don’t spend too much and choose a model that can offer you the basics, i.e. to help you monitor your baby while he/she is asleep and you’re in your master’s bedroom or somewhere far away from the nursery room.

    What Features to Look For in Baby Monitors

    Posted on thestreetswalker.com April 12 2014, 3:14pm

  • Weekend Inspiration #150

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 12 2014, 1:00pm

  • Andi’s feminine look this week has me wanting to really try it out myself.

    A few items I think would be perfect for just that!

    Shopping Cart : Lady

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 11 2014, 6:30pm

  • The life of Susan Sontag, cultural critic extraordinaire.

    Mmmm, salty almond maple macaroons. Want to become a fashion editor? Already have a career in another industry? This lawyer made the switch. A key priority to get most anywhere in life is…to be interesting. Spring has sprung and it’s time to celebrate things in bloom. Piet Oudolf is a master of the flowered landscape. Like James Brown said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah popcorn”. Clare Vivier loves what she does for a living. A weekly round up of the best links from Delphine & Wes Del Val.

    The Del Val #10

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 11 2014, 4:04pm

  • During fashion week, my friend Elisa presented the jewelry collection she created for Gripoix, in the wonderful hairsalon-apartement of David Mallett.

    It was beautiful, packed, and I’m super happy that Elisa, who started her career in fashion as a designer – is finally able to shor us her talents. And her mastery of colors, but this, we could have guessed ;)

    Elisa x Gripoix

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 11 2014, 1:43pm

  • White Jeans for Winter, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com April 11 2014, 1:41pm

  • It’s been a slow week on this very blog, maybe that’s due to the slightly lower spring temperatures, reminding all of us that summer is still about two months away (if we’re lucky). However, while I’ve been busy doing everything but working for this blog, other’s blogged away and have created some beautiful pieces you shouldn’t miss: Finding perfect Chinese dumplings is a mission we eagerly follow, and there’s a new contestant that popped up in our instagram feed and now also on a blog – Shaniu’s House of Noodles (far out West, of course) not only got the approval of one of my favorite Chinese chefs Ash Lee, but also the appraisal of the “Then we take Berlin” blog and is now ranking no.1 on my to-do-list. The unbelievably high temperatures inspired some very early ice-cream researches. Since our own guide seriously calls for an update, I am keeping my eyes open for new places selling frozen delicacies – Sylee has some pretty amazing suggestions for you. Andrej Holm is one of the most prolific opinion leaders in the debate about Berlin’s gentrification, and while his blog is usually in German, he now re-published an interview he gave for uncube-magazine on his book “Reclaim Berlin”, discussing Berlin housing politics and people’s initiatives to put a hold on rising rents. Closing with beer – Slow Travel Berlin portrayed crowd-sourced craft beer brewery Vagabund in Wedding.

    Links in Berlin: April slowness

    Posted on stilinberlin.blogspot.com April 11 2014, 10:09am

  • “Morning: I start my day by cleansing my face with Bioderma Crealine. In the shower, I wash my hair with Davines products. My favorites are Momo Shampoo and Conditioner, their products smell beautiful and have amazing quality, you can feel their products are revitalizing your hair.

    On my body I use an organic rose soap that I found in Marrakech, it’s a transparent fluorescent pink. Then I use Meros Hair Foundation Jell. It is made in Japan and not easy to find but also usually lasts a while. It’s like a thick laminate that I rub through my hair when it’s between wet and dry. It helps to smooth hair, protects the surface and gives it shine. I also use Bluebell Body Crème by Jo Malone on my body and face. The smell and texture is beautiful. It is both light and also heavy enough to feel very moisturizing. Day: I feel incomplete if I go a day without Prism Blush by M.A.C. and Silver Mountain Water scent by Creed. I always carry lipstick with me, and rotate between a matte pink called Snob by M.A.C., or a peachy color by Illamasqua called Obey. If I’m feeling more like red I go for Heatwave by NARS. My other recent favorite color is from my make-up collaboration with MAKE called Fire which is a bright reddish-orange. Night: At night I usually go for eyes rather than lips. I use Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux and Lancome liquid eyeliner in black, or I will go for for an interesting color blue for eyeliner by NARS. I use eye makeup remover by Lancôme Bi-Facil and also wash my face in the evening with Bioderma. Afterwards, I’ll spray Rose Water by Santa Maria Novella on my face and also on my bed linens.” - Maryam Nassir Zadeh Bioderma Crealine; Momo Shampoo, Davines; Momo Conditioner, Davines; Hair Foundation Jell, Meros; Wild Bluebelle Body Crème, Jo Malone; Powder Blush in Prism, M.A.C.; Silver Mountain Water, Creed; Lipstick in Snob, M.A.C.; Lipstick in Obey, Illamasqua; Lipstick in Heatwave, NARS; Lipstick in Fire, MAKE; Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara, Yves Saint Laurent; Liquid Eyeliner, Lancôme; Eyeliner, NARS; Bi-Facil Makeup Remover, Lancôme; Rose Water, Santa Maria Novella.

    A beauty minute with Maryam

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 10 2014, 7:55pm

  • This is a serious fashion situation…

    In my in the field market research (sometimes I need to visit Zara and Prada on a Friday afternoon to , you know, see whats going on) I realized there has been a mass production of short rise jeans. You know what I’m talking about? The distance from the waistband of your pant to the crotch. Yep, I said it, crotch. The thing is… short rises can be short on attractiveness too. Its one thing to want to shorten the size of your behind*, but the front too? It gets a little confusing. Soon there will just be a little tag to insinuate the fact that a longer normal length zipper used to be there. Here’s my advice for finding the right rise: make sure it is at least the length of your hand. Ah the hand, a simple tool you always carry with you (if necessary, employ a handy man for assistance) that will ensure you look chic in those pants and not like your dealing with a zipper shortage. *think the 70s when long butt was in, or just a few years ago when mom jeans made a reappearance

    Pant Rise

    Posted on garancedore.fr April 10 2014, 4:02pm

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