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  • new!

    Here we go again….

    Down the street to a new little cafe called Maman. Just when we thought we’d exhausted all of the usuals for lunch, bam! A super sweet spot opens. And French to boot. Emily and I passed by for a take-away lunch of avocado toast, butternut squash soup and potato salad – all pretty tasty. They may have also had some delicious treats like a chocolate chip cookie, which we were obliged to try while we were there. Comfort, farm fresh food just in time for the winter! Maman, 239 Centre Street (between Grand & Broome)

    Maman Mia!

    Posted on garancedore.fr 6 Hours, 7 Minutes ago

  • new!

    Jayne in TriBeCa

    Posted on garancedore.fr 6 Hours, 52 Minutes ago

  • new!

    In lieu of the new “Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs” exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, which opened October 12th, we’ve found some Fall/Winter 2014 looks that evoke some of the artist’s most famous works. The masterful combination of contrast, line and color that Matisse was able to create with scissors is no doubt something that fashion designers today strive for as they cut their garments. Perhaps these images will inspire you so much that you’ll want to go at your clothes with a pair of scissors…

    “Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs,” is on view at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City October 12, 2014 through February 8,2015 

    Matisse’s Cutouts

    Posted on garancedore.fr 10 Hours, 7 Minutes ago

  • new!

    Attention please, the new minis are here. They’re high waisted and make your legs look super long. They’re worn like in the 60’s (just in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re getting hit by a pretty strong 60’s revival) and this is how they’re going to be worn on the street, or let’s say, for women with normal legs and normal life with a lot of commuting included, with a good pair of reassuring tights (ew, metro / taxi seats)

    The New Mini

    Posted on garancedore.fr 12 Hours, 54 Minutes ago

  • new!

    Blogger and writer Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller.

    Leandra Medine, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com 20 Hours, 44 Minutes ago

  • At the home of Antoine and Gwen in Montmarte.

    Weekend Inspiration #195

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 19 2014, 1:00pm

  • Nausheen Shah, Stylist & Fashion writer for Marie Claire, L’Officiel and New York Post. 1st Outfit: Brandon Sun top, Céline pants, Marc Jacobs sunnies and Rye bag. 2nd Outfit: Brandon Sun silk robe, Ela bag and Aperlai pompom heels.

    Sunday Inspiration: Nausheen Shah

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 19 2014, 12:42pm

  • Weekend Inspiration #194

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 18 2014, 1:00pm

  • Leaf Greener, stylist and Senior Fashion Editor at ELLE China. She is wearing a Chanel total look. Coveting her Chanel milk carton and shopping basket bags. Would you pay 9000€ for this Chanel shopping basket?

    Leaf Greener after Chanel, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 18 2014, 7:48am

  • Fall is the best time for jumpsuits, and this one is sort of perfect.

    You can find more ideas on my Pinterest!

    The Jumpsuit

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 17 2014, 7:02pm

  • 700 free movies. You’re guaranteed there will be something you’ve not seen. And if you start one and don’t like it, just drop it, it’s free!

    A look into the workings of one of our favorite magazines in the world, and for which we’ve proclaimed our love before. What will be the next hot thing in tech? Consult this 27-year-old. Let these pieces be your inspiration to head out the door and see the world on your own! Saying you’re a “creative director” today is as easy as labeling yourself a “curator”. Both are too often thrown around, but here a major retailer calls her their Director of Creative Projects, and in this case the title is valid. Baby pandas being adorable. There is nothing else to say. For all of us (which is nearly everyone) who use it everyday but don’t think twice about it (unless we’re complaining because of a poor connection): the internet is amazing! Seeing it physically might as well be like exploring space (again, to nearly every one of us.) The State of the Book, the best from all 50 of them. A weekly round up of the best links from Delphine & Wes Del Val.?FR: La sélection de la semaine des meilleurs liens sur le web par Delphine & Wes Del Val.

    The Del Val #36

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 17 2014, 5:05pm

  • Do you know Poppy Delevingne ? I love this girl – with her blondness and sweetness and English-style cheekiness. Here are a few photos we took for my new Happy Diamonds project with Chopard. We wanted the photos to feel like you were spending the day (an amazing day, of course – it’s Chopard after all, it’s sublime) with her at home.


    Posted on garancedore.fr October 17 2014, 1:01pm

  • Eva Chen Editor-in-Chief at Lucky Magazine. Her bag is Paula Cademartori.

    Eva Chen, Paris Fashion Week

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 17 2014, 8:15am

  • Indre Rockefeller, US president at Delpozo. I am madly in love with this dress, actually I am madly in love with anything done by Josep Font for Delpozo.

    Indre Rockefeller wearing Delpozo, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 16 2014, 9:01pm

  • This summer, for the first time in my life, I rode in a helicopter.

    It had been one of my dreams in life, I don’t really know why – and it was when my family came to visit me in New York that I finally decided to go ahead and do it. It’s very easy to take a helicopter to fly over New York – you just have to go to the heliport… It’s a bit expensive, but a great gift if you dream of seeing the city like you’ve never seen it before.

    A lot of people totally scared the hell our of me before I went (“You’re going to crash!!!” “Those things will explode against a building if there’s even the tiniest bit of wind!!!”)(let’s just say that people who are afraid of heights don’t go easy on you when it comes to convincing their friends not to risk their lives) so even though I do have a little bit of a dare devil in me, let’s say I was quietly freaking out. But hey, it’s very organized and regulated, ok, and hoards of tourists show up to do it every day, so in terms of danger, the risk is probably close to zero. But still. You’re going to think I’m crazy, but the thing I was most excited about was the take off. I’ve always had a thing for the propellers, the wind, the noise… And that crazy forward motion the helicopter makes when it leaves the ground. I thought being inside must be kind of like riding Space Mountain. And I LOVE Space Mountain… But I was a little disappointed, because you actually you don’t feel anything at all. You take off from the ground like it’s some kind of magic, and a few seconds later, you’re flying over the Statue of Liberty.

    And that’s when it starts to get really amazing. I won’t tell you much more about it – I’ll just share a few photos with you. It’s beautiful, it’s sublime, it’s magical. You feel so small and big at the same time, it’s like you could take the whole city in your hand. You can see the full expanse of Central park, the full height of the city, the beauty of its bridges, and the incredible romanticism of it all. It’s simply sublime.

    You have to do it at least once. If you’re not afraid of heights, of course. Big kisses! Translated by Andrea Perdue

    Flying Over New York City

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 16 2014, 8:30pm

  • By now you have probably caught on to the fact that Alana is a serious beauty. It’s one of the many reasons we were so excited to work with her on our first fashion story. Of course, a big part of the fashion story was coming up with a beauty look to go with the looks and we decided to go with something simple, natural and warm. Tatyana focused on the skin, using moisturizer, light foundation and just covered up any imperfections. The eyebrow, as you know, is one of the most important parts of the face, so she took time to groom and fill it in just right. The focus then was on conturing the face, creating shadows and highlights to help create that glow. Other than that, no mascara, no eyeliner, curled lashes and a balm on the lips! Voila!

    When it comes to this kind of look, using your natural beauty as the guideline. Take your best feature and work to bring that forward :) Sweater, Balenciaga. Model Alana Bunte at The Lions NY / Styled by Dianna Lunt / Makeup by Tatyana Makarova / Hair by Eloise Cheung

    Edit No. 1 / Part 5… The Face

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 16 2014, 7:53pm

  • Almost…

    Acne studios has launched underwear! Now, I’ve mentioned before my specific taste for underwear, white for summer, black for winter. But its equally as hard to find good nude underwear. The kind you need for white pants, or anything remotely sheer. The elastic waist band is even wide enough not to cut into your sides. Plus both styles are available in a lovely mix of neutrals like grey, white, black and and of course nude. So there you have it. My new nude underwear, almost as good as going commando! Do you have a favorite brand? PS. They also made mens styles, perfect for Erik :)


    Posted on garancedore.fr October 16 2014, 4:02pm

  • From a new restaurant to a new trendy food (I’m talking about you kale!), the way we eat is something that is a huge part of our everyday life. I was really excited to have the opportunity to spend some time with Melissa and Jasmin Hemsley, authors of the new cookbook (okay, it’s new for us in the US, it’s been in Europe longer!) The Art of Eating Well. Their message is simple: you should eat good food that makes you feel good. Their family business is to help people who want to live healthier and more energized lives. The recipes that they’ve developed in their book are just that, from a black bean brownie (seriously, it’s insanely good) to pastas made from vegetables, they present a fresh take on treating your body well. I tagged along while they shopped for groceries at the Union Square Farmer’s Market and made dinner for friends while in New York this fall and I learned a lot. So here it is, The Art of Eating Well!

    Eating Well

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 16 2014, 1:25pm

  • Sophie Pera, Fashion Editor at Town & Country.

    Sophie Pera in Metallic Jacket, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 16 2014, 8:05am

  • Azzedine Alaïa showed his collection in Paris on Tuesday night – in his studio as he usually does …

    … according to his own schedule, not during fashion week, away from all the top models and drama of the front row. He’s been excusing himself from the obligations of the fashion world for years, and even so, he’s been able to maintain all his influence and importance. His company only keeps growing, and all the while, he remains fiercely independent. He created a real atmosphere in his studio – a warmth – something special. One of my dreams is to be invited to one of his private dinners where he cooks for his friends… it sounds like the ambiance is amazing. I just wanted to say it makes me dream, and even if I’ll never have his genius, I hope to be able to follow the same kind of path – creating something great, but intimate, special, and different. And cook for my friends!!!

    Translated by Andrea Perdue


    Posted on garancedore.fr October 15 2014, 9:03pm

  • Run, don’t walk.

    Or just get online real quick. I’m super stoked (that sincere because I don’t say stoked about very much) because of course, I love their beauty line. The last time I was in Paris, Emily and I visited the store and she found me an hour later, arms covered in lipstick and eye liner swatches with a pile of products in my basket. So yeah, I like actually really love it. The full beauty collection won’t be available in the US right away (I’ll obviously, keep you posted on that front) but you can still stock up on some goodies (in store and online). So for now, you’ll just have to deal with getting your hands on all of the REALLY COOL SHOES, leather shorts, silk tops, structured coats…. You get it. Now go! Other Stories, 575 Broadway – Opening October 17th

    Stories is Here

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 15 2014, 7:27pm

  • We have a mirror at the studio that makes you look like Gisele.

    It’s a great mirror to have if you’re going on a date after work. It’s a great mirror to have if you’re trying on a new pair of pants or better yet, a swimsuit. It’s a great mirror to have after you just ate Chipotle. I’m not sure what magical Chinatown store we even found it at, but it’s crazy flattering (and completely inaccurate) but you know what, it makes you feel really good? Is it okay to feel good about a lie?

    The Skinny Mirror

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 15 2014, 4:33pm

  • Ummmm, hang on. Excuse me for just two seconds. I can’t talk now, I have to Instagram something. Oooook….there we go. Send. Ok, all set. It’s posted. Woooo, 10 likes! In two seconds!!! Heheheh. Oh sorry. I’m here. How’s it going? Are you on Instagram? How’s your Instagram life? Super cool, right? The thing with Instagram, it’s the difference there is between our real life and the dream life we post. Ok so we’re all supposed to know it and take Instagram life with a grain of salt, but let’s be honest, we all forget. We really think we can follow people’s life on Instagram. And then things happen like :

    Friend : “Oh, sorry – I didn’t reach out too much these past week, I saw on Instagram you were busy travelling and very happy.” Or things like : “Oh my gooood, you had the best summer didn’t you!” Me: “Huh? What are you talking about? I mean, I went through a break up, I moved, it was kind of a mess there for a minute. Ohhh, you mean my INSTAGRAM? Well, yeah – it’s my Instagram account!!! Don’t judge me by my Instagram!!! I had a summer that was sometimes amazing, sometimes boring, sometimes awful. Just like everyone else. And four nice photos of Greece (Okay I have to admit, one pretty amazing week) don’t make my whole summer amazing. But at the same time, I totally jump to conclusions too. One of my friends spent three weeks posting lovey selfies with her new guy, and I said: Me: “Oh honeeeey!!! I’m so happy for you! You met the love of your life! He’s so cute with his beard!” My friend: “The guy with the beard? That asshole? No, no – it’s over now. Good riddance! But since you can’t really make a break up announcement on Instagram (unless you post some inexplicable quote that only three people will understand, like “All ends are beginnings” “Love is never enough” “Singles do it better”) everyone thinks I’m still with him. But no worries – two weeks without cheesy love selfies and everyone will have forgotten.” So there you go. That will teach us to only post the happy photos, right? But have you ever tried posting a photo of something normal, or even a little depressing? Oh la la, total disaster, unfollowing festival, disappearance from the planet of likes. Even in friendship, Instagram can create complicated interferences. Like : Friend : “Hey so you’re spending your life with insert name of new friend !!!” Me : “What? No I’ve seen her twice! Okay maybe three times but totally randomly.” Friend : “Ah yeah? Well you certainly spend your life on her Instagram account, look.” Me : “What why do you follow her. Ooooh what shit, I hadn’t seen that, also looks like I’m (Okay I was) completely drunk!” Ok, fine, I’m exaggerating. It really depends what you’re looking for with your Instagram account. There are still normal people out there (= old people, from before the selfie generation and the age of narcissism) who just want to stay connected with their friends. There are even people with private accounts!!! I even know a few of them! They exist. My twisted brain thinks it’s because they’re too pretentious to join the race for likes. But the nice part of my brain says they’re totally right to do that. I’m surprised it’s even an option anymore, actually – a “private profile”, such an old world concept. So other than those rare creatures with private accounts, we know the story. The more followers you have, the more validated you feel. The more followers you have, the easier it is to use Instagram for work. So you end up in situations like : Friend: “Merde, I have to work tonight!! I’m being paid to Instagram this party for insert brand name and there’s nothing to Instagram. No celebrities, nothing – not a single thing worth taking photos of. It’s dark, everyone is bored, no one is dancing except for that it-girl from 2006 and if I post her they’ll probably fire me. You wouldn’t want to take a selfie with me, would you, Garance?” Me: “Oh come on really? Fine, ok.” Friend: “Ok, but wait, you have to at least look like you’re having fun!!!” Me: “Ok. Woooooh!” Or things like : PR : “Too bad you couldn’t come to our party the other evening but I saw you still had fun on the tables of the Boom Boom Room! It’s wonderful that you weren’t sick after all!!! Good for you, good for you!” Me : “…” Yeah. So here’s the thing. Between Instagram and real life, I say, always pick real life. Just know – Instagram always wins in the end.

    Instagram vs. Real Life

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 15 2014, 1:06pm

  • There were so many great comments from the perfection post last week (300 and still counting!), we wanted to share a few of our favorites. It turns out New Yorkers aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure to find the perfect man, have the perfect body, live in the perfect apartment…..

    We heard from people in Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Greece, Portugal, Canada, Silicon Valley…and even a 71-year-old named Delores living in California wrote, “…It was a lot of fun when I was younger…haven’t dated since my 50′s and would love to experience ‘life’ in Paris…” “A handbook on dating in France is required. – Alix De Beer, France” “Ok here’s how we do bits of it in the UK! See a guy/girl somewhere – work lifts, in a bar, on a bus, shopping etc. Decide if you fancy them. Spend a few minutes/hours/days giggling with friends about how to contrive a meeting. Be egged on by said friends to go and chat he or she up, get number, stalk slightly, send message or something. If successful either arrange a date to meet or if fortunate enough to already be in an establishment that sells booze get stuck in to an unnecessarily large number of drinks until sufficiently drunk that, if you think they are half way decent, you can just start snogging there and then! Otherwise you have to wait for the first date to start this ritual. God knows how this then becomes a full on relationship but it seems to work after a few tries. The expectations a guy has for a British girl are just to hope that she won’t throw up in the cab on the way home (though that is no way a deal breaker) and will not be unrecognisably worse looking the next time you meet. It is unthinkable that a British woman wouldn’t get fatter after marriage and it is widely accepted that she will really only be thin on the wedding day (when the groom thinks she looks weird anyway). It isn’t too pretty to watch in a “romantic” French way, there certainly isn’t much perfection being sought (neurosis is a real turn off for British guys, they just think those sorts of girls are annoying), but it is ridiculously fun! . – Maman37, London” “I agreed with everything except for this, haha. It’s not easy to find the perfect man, because apparently 90% of the men in my age group are all bankers who sold their souls to work at Goldman Sachs, all wear the same blue checked button down shirts and khakis (EVERYWHERE. Just because Brooks Brothers makes it does not mean you have to wear it!), have drinks with the “bros” after work, and go on business trips where they cut 9-figure deals in the daytime and go to strip clubs at night. They think that they’re God’s gift to womankind. They’re even invading my beloved Brooklyn now. Not saying that the troubled, skinny-jeaned hipster dudes are much better, but at least I can stand to be in the same room as them) – Cate, New York” In the end, perfection is whatever you say it is.

    On Perfection

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 14 2014, 8:30pm

  • I love the idea of wearing a simple, monochrome look with a killer accessory. Here, for example – a pretty perfect silhouette for fall, don’t you think ?

    Glitter Finished Leather Ankle Boots, Saint Laurent Photo by Sandra Semburg.

    Those Boots!

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 14 2014, 8:01pm

  • Who makes the best concealer?

    Finding your perfect concealer ranks right up there with finding the perfect apartment, the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend and the perfect pair of black pumps. And with any quest to find perfection, you probably end up trying a lot of options. Personally, I’m still on the hunt. But here are a few I’ve tried and really really really liked. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: I love this in the summer because it’s super light, creamy (duh, it’s in the name) but also easy to build. I also like that it has a wand, making it super portable. MAC Studio Finish Concealer: This one is great for the winter because it’s pretty thick, so it does well on dry skin and covering up really tough spots. It’s also SPF 35– which is amazing to have in a concealer. I apply it with my fingers or with a small brush (when I need to be super precise). Beauty Counter Touchup Skin Concealer: I’m using this right now. Okay not right now right now, but I used it this morning and have been using it for the last few weeks. The coverage is great and I really like it on days when I’m not wearing any foundation because it blends so well. It’s also free of harmful ingredients (Beauty Counter has a intense list of banned ingredients, you can see them all here). Now, tell me yours…

    Conceal & Carry

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 14 2014, 5:00pm

  • Cecile Cassel is the kind of rock-star cool you dream to be in your french dreams – but just where you would expect some moody parisian songs, her super bouncy energy, her died blonde hair and her bold voice make her really stand out of the crowd. She has a totally awesome band called HollySiz, its sort of mature electro pop with a rock influence.

    Cecile Cassel

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 14 2014, 1:35pm

  • Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni, aka The Blonde Salad, exiting the Louis Vuitton show. Chiara is wearing Louis Vuitton shoes and

    Chiara Ferragni after LV, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 14 2014, 1:01pm

  • Blue Coat, Paris Fashion Week

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 14 2014, 5:50am

  • Do you work in an office building?

    There’s this funny thing about working in a communal atmosphere that makes you think twice about how you should go about doing day to day activities . Like : 1. Do you stop talking in the elevator? or continue your conversation (no matter how private)? A. At the studio we never stop talking, no matter who comes in the elevator. BUT, half the industry is in the building so I suppose we should be more careful. 2. What do you do when you go into the bathroom and both stalls are occupied? Awkwardly wait or just as awkwardly leave and let the attendees hear the door shut? A. I generally do the latter and leave and even more awkwardly stalk the bathroom from the office to see if someone left. 3. Are we supposed to say hello to everyone in the building? A. Yes, of course, that’s nice isn’t it?! 4. Is it ok to brush your teeth in the bathroom? A. I say no. Too personal, I barely know which office you came from. 5. Can you flirt with someone who works in the building? Like if there’s a really cute guy from the Saturday’s floor can you just go up there… A. Not sure on this one, but the elevator opens up right to their office so pretty easy to walk right in. Just saying… 6. Should you reach over everyone to hit your floor in the elevator or just ask generally and hope someone pushes it? A. I always get in first so I tend to hit my own button :) 7. When there’s a huge queue at the elevator terminals, should you bum rush into the first one that opens (even though you’re the one who was running late and technically the last one there)? A. Be polite. Wait it out, the remaining people are probably less stressed and therefore a nicer elevator ride. Ok so that’s just a few things, what do you think twice about in the workplace?

    Workplace Etiquette

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 13 2014, 8:15pm

  • “Morning: I drink a tall glass of water first. I wash my face with Dr. Hauschka cleansing cream, then use Rose Water or Orange Blossom Water from Sanoflore. If my eyes are puffy I use the Frownies eye gel patches. And if my lips are chapped I exfoliate with a mix of moisturizer and raw sugar.

    For mosturizing it depends on where I am and what time of year. I alternate between a light cream with hyaluronic acid in it, Hydra Filler from Filorga and a rich cream Cicalfate from Avene when my skin gets really dry in the winter. I also try to remember to put sunscreen on, I like Weleda. Once a week I exfoliate with Suki exfoliate foaming cleanser and do a mask with Ialuset, it is a pure hyaluronic acid cream that I buy in France. As for make up, I use RMS Uncover Up and Luminizer, NARS cream blush stick in Orgasm and Buxom Mascara. Day: Lip balm, usually from Rosebud. Night: I take my make up off with coconut oil on a cotton pad and then spray with rose water or orange blossom water. I apply the Skin Regenerating Serum from La Mer and moisturizer. And I drink some water. ” - Rebecca Dayan

    A beauty minute with Rebecca

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 13 2014, 7:30pm

  • The fashion gods have answered your prayers.

    I was a super major insane fan of Uniqlo’s five season collaboration with Jil Sander, so when I found out a few pieces would be reissued, my heart skipped a beat. I have a beautiful wool cashmere coat from the last collection that I’ve given a lot of love to and now I’m ready to fill my closet back up. The collection is online now, so get clicking!

    J+ is Back

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 13 2014, 4:00pm

  • When I predicted the arrival of flats 26 seasons ago (Garance is in Susan Miller mode), I never would have thought they’d reach such a deep layer of the fashion world. Take my friend Lisa Marie Fernandez, for example – there are over 10 photos of her on this blog and there’s not even one where she’s not wearing heels (except for the ones we took at the beach – we’re not at Hugh Hefner’s, after all), and now, all of a sudden, bam!!! Adidas Gazelle. Ok, sure, she wears them Lisa Marie style, and that’s what’s interesting about it.  

    Fabulous Dress + Classic Sneakers

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 13 2014, 1:23pm

  • Last Saturday began all grey and rainy, but of course we knew we can count on our burger lovers to not let us down for a cheesy feast for Burgers & Hip Hop at Prince Charles! Obviously, when it’s time for the biggest burger party in town, there’s also the duty to crown the city’s best burger! Celebrating everything cheese, we couldn’t wait to see who’d make the best cheeseburger in Berlin – and we proudly present you the final results right here:

    What would a cheeseburger feast be without the guys from Melted Cheese? Their Notorious BFS burgers were topped with raclette cheese and people couldn’t get enough of it with the line got longer and longer throughout the night…

    As a highly awaited contester, Tommi’s Burger Joint created a special Mac’n cheese burger. People really liked the creative take on the burger, although some of them noted that they would have preferred the simple and classic cheeseburger served at last time’s Burgers and Hip Hop which scored them 2nd place. There’s only one word: Scarmoza! The Italian cheese was an instant hit and added a creamy texture to the Afrika Burrata burgers by Pic Nic 34. Also the basil pesto worked surprisingly well.

    Good things take time, right? The 65-hours cidre steak of Umami/Comptoir du Cidre – already a favorite at Street Food Thursday – made for a very tender meat and people kept talking about how good it was. Which is why it almost made it onto the winner’s podium, but there were three other burgers which you liked even more…

    With already more than 5 different joints in the city, no wonder Schiller Burger has enough expertise collected to score 4,23 of 5 possible points! They relied on this very expertise when they brought out their classic restaurant burger Cheese Surprise. What didn’t surprise us is that they made it to an very honorable 3rd place!

    The top two places couldn’t have been closer this time – with an amazing result of 4,41 of 5 points, Bunsmobile once again proved that they know a thing or two about how to make a delicious burger: both Cheddarhill Gang and Bacon’s Delight pleased the crowds with delicious meat and cheese and people especially loved the addition of the crispy bacon braised for 3 hours. The winner! They all were delicious, but one was even better: Piris, who already landed second place in the first edition of Burgers and Hip Hop, finally made it to the top! The Buckshot consisted of a chipotle cheese steak burger. With a great score of 4,55 of 5 possible points, people overall loved the juicyness and spicyness. Their vegetarian version with haloumi and sautéed mushrooms was also a great hit! CONGRATULATIONS! We can’t wait to hand over the trophy to the rightful winner!

    And since there’s no burger feast without dessert, our friends of Zwei Dicke Bären created a special version of their ice cream sandwiches made with goat cheese and rosemary. It was the cream of the crop of another great burger bash! The post Berlin’s Best (Cheese) Burger: #6 appeared first on Stil in Berlin.

    Berlin’s Best (Cheese) Burger: #6

    Posted on stilinberlin.blogspot.com October 13 2014, 11:30am

  • Russian stylist Natasha Goldenberg.

    Sunday Inspiration: Natasha Goldenberg

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 12 2014, 2:35pm

  • Weekend Inspiration #193

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 12 2014, 1:00pm

  • Weekend Inspiration #192

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 11 2014, 1:00pm

  • Spanish model Marta Ortiz after Vivienne Westwood show.

    Marta Ortiz, Paris Fashion Week

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 11 2014, 7:18am

  • Its finally sweater weather and I couldn’t be more excited.

    Find more shopping ideas on my Pinterest!

    Sweater Weather

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  • The clock stops for no one and here are 25 women on its effects upon them.

    You’ll want to enter this pink room and bathe in its glow. Here’s a good-looking new site, make sure to visit its different sections to fully enjoy. We especially like The Look. Everyone knows assistants do much of the work, but rarely get the credit…until now. We like the way Yasiin Bey does his things. A lot to be said for that today. The main reason is because we love the design of the album covers, but if you have adventurous taste in music and sounds, stay and listen to some of the samples. Graphic designer Herb Lubalin was a breath of fresh air in 1961 for a staid US magazine, and proved to be too fresh. If you don’t know his work, you simply must! Speaking of people who made a page look better, Saul Steinberg made every one his work was printed on brighter.
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    The Del Val #35

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