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  • new!

    Ok guys, sometimes we have to dress for work, but I like to keep it business casual.

    See the rest of my first Fall shopping picks here, on my Pinterest!

    Business Casual

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  • new!

    Almost everyone recognizes their designs, but if you haven’t seen their great films, start with the super classic “Powers of Ten”, still so fresh despite being made in 1977.

    In the need for clever, handsome gifts for someone stylish in your life? Always look here. And when in NYC you must visit one or both of their locations. Wow, a lot has happened on our planet since you were born. Go ahead and put in your information and it will show you! Phoebe Philo. Or Saint Phoebe, or Queen Phoebe, or High Priestess Phoebe, or Goddess Phoebe. That’s what she is to these (and many other) people. These make us want to play a card game. Any game. Just to get to hold them in our hands. The most important and influential American musician and performer of the 20th century finally gets the documentary treatment he deserves. It’s not too late to catch sight of those beautiful fall leaves. A weekly round up of the best links from Delphine & Wes Del Val

    The Del Val #37

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  • new!

    When we were in Paris, we went to take a look at Buly, the sublime boutique created by Ramdane Touhami and Victoire de Taillac. It certainly takes you by surprise – you feel like you’ve suddenly entered an old fashioned pharmacy, and you’d be right. Ramdane based the design on a 17th-century dispensary, and he worked with artisans to create the shop using techniques from the period. The idea came from Ramdane and Victoire’s passion for 19th century literature – Balzac and Zola, and also because that was the time when cosmetics and beauty products as we know them today were invented.

    At Buly

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  • When I was little I adored Disney characters.

    The rabbit in Alice Wonderland, the bear in the Jungle Book (alias Baloo in privacy). So to think that today as an adult I can wear my love for those kindred animals in the form of a chic ring, is pretty cool. Gerard Tully has managed to create a feeling of nostalgia without going too far down the rabbit hole (pun intended) of kitchy design.
    My pick is either the bear or the rabbit! xo Amélie

    Feeling Nostalgic

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 23 2014, 8:00pm

  • “Morning: The most important things for beauty, aside from products is your hapiness because that is what shows in your face. You can use as many products and as much makeup, but if you’re a miserable person, nothing is going to work. The other thing is stress. Stress really affects your skin. That’s also part of choosing very good products. We live in Manhattan, for example, in a really stressful city. You want to have a good regime and try to minimize your stress.

    I wanted to be a dermatologist at one point in my life, when I was really young. All my life i’ve been reading all these different studies and I’ve gone to the best dermatologists in the world. I really believe in dermatology and I’ve developed beauty lines for 10 years, so I’ve had to do a lot of research. Cleansers that are very expensive are a waste of money, they don’t penetrate the skin, they aren’t left on the skin long enough. It’s better to use something really effective and inexpensive. I use CeraVe Foaming Cleanser, it’s a few dollars from the drugstore. Every dermatologist recommends it. After that I use the Tata Harper toner that I helped to develop. What I really love is that it adds moisture without clogging your pores and it has a lot of Vitamin C so it’s great for brightening. I keep it in the refrigerator so it’s nice and cold and it feels wonderful. After that I follow with SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic. It’s the top free radical barrier for your skin. They are one of the things that contribute the most to wrinkles. It has a lot of Vitamin C which is good for dark spots and acne. It’s really multipurpose. For the free radicals, it’s really important that you have something protecting your skin from free radicals. I follow that with CeraVe moisturizer, it’s gentle and hydrating. It’s so important to wear a great sunscreen everyday because if you don’t, all that brightening is usless, the sun will wreck it. The sun is the worst thing for wrinkles. Sunscreen everyday is mandatory. The one I really love is only sold in Japan, so I have my friends from Japan send it to me. It’s like a Chanel whitening base with a SPF 40. I like to be really white and I love it beacuse it lightens your skin tone one or two shades and it protects you from the sun. For people who are not buying things in Japan, the best equivalent is La Roche Posay Ultralight Mineral. A mineral sunscreen is great because it has less chemicals and is very effective. Then I put on my favorite lip balm, it’s called In Fiore Veloutée. It’s really thick, so you just put a little bit but your lips are absolutely protected and moisturized. I don’t buy eye cream, I take my SPF and I put it everywhere. I put my creams everywhere, my eyes, my lips. I don’t really believe in eye creams. I think what ever you are doing for your skin is okay for your eyes. I smear everything everywhere. I love makeup. I think it’s years and years of developing makeup and skincare and my grandmother wore amazing makeup. I’ve loved makeup for forever, I’m not one of these tinted moisturizer, lip gloss girls. My biggest makeup inspiration is geishas. I start with the lip balm because it’s a great base for lipstick. I have a makeup artist that mixes a custom red lipstick for me. I’m really specific about the exact shade I want. I like the MAC Clear Lipglass, you don’t need a lot because it’s sticky but it gives you incredible shine. My favorite foundation is Armani Luminous Silk, but I think what is really important is what you apply it with. I helped in developing the company Artisse and they make the most amazing brushes in the world. I use Artisse brush #8 to apply my foundation. It looks completely air brushed. I usually go a few shades lighter. I also really like a doll faced look, so I like really rosy cheeks. I use the #6 brush to put on the Armani Blushing Fabric in Scarlotto. It’s really vibrant red and I use the brush because a little goes a long way. It’s really sheer, it’s the most amazing formula because it makes you look flush from the inside out, like you’ve just been to the gym. I’m obsessed with long dark lashes. I’ve been blessed by the universe in having crazy long ones. I don’t belive in expensive mascaras because the ones in the drugstore are incredible. The best one that I’ve found is Maybelline Illegal Length mascara. It makes them really dark, really long and really fluttery. It’s not overly volumnizing. I like something that coats the lashes and really separates them, I think that opens the eye more. A little bit of black eyeliner along the lash line really helps to make them look really black and voluminious. Any thin tipped liquid eyeliner at the drugstore works. In terms of eyebrows, I really believe they frame your face. I’m a really big believer in taking care of your eyebrows. My hair is naturally Japanese black, but the pencils that are made in the US are all kind of ashy brown. I buy Japanese eyebrow pencils and the labs that make the best eyebrow pencils are all in Japan. I buy my pencils at Sunrise Mart, the Japanese market. I can get a rice bowl and an eyebrow pencil at the same time, it’s great! Powder is important because it sets your makeup, so it makes it last longer throughout the day. You need your makeup to stay put. If you apply too much, it cakes and if you have any lines or wrinkles, it settles into your lines and wrinkles and makes you look older. My trick with powder is to find something that is milled to be ultra fine so it doesnt cake and is also luminizing, so your skin doesnt look ashy. The best I’ve found is Chanel’s Poudre Crystalline. I am also really devoted to lasers. I think Fraxel is the most genius thing every invented. It’s strong but it’s not like so strong that you look like a burn victim. With Fraxel, in 3 days you’re okay. In three months you see your dark spots disappear, any acne you have is gone, your skin become so plump and hydrated, it produces a lot of collagen. You look like you have baby skin. I do it once a year. I think everyone is different depending on wrinkles, sun damage, dark spots, but for me one fraxel a year is great. I have the most amazing hair dresser named Danilo. He used to do crazy wigs for Mugler, he’s one of the most respected people in the industry. He is so creative and we’ll do anything. He gives me, what a lot of people think are really ugly haircuts and I think they’re great. We always laugh because we’re like ugliest means the most and the most is the best, whether it’s good or bad. Lately we’ve been really into shaving, so we do different shapes and different cuts. And we always incorporate different geometrics. I go about once a month. For hair, there is a brand called Phylia de M. that really focuses on the scalp and the root of the hair. It uses a host of natural and organic ingredients to feed the hair. Your hair becomes so thick and healthy, it’s amazing. They even make a supplement you can take. The other products that I really like are Oribe, I think they smell amazing. I use a lot of their styling products, their shampoo and conditioner. The quality is incredible. I don’t have time for a lot of styling, I’ve trained myself to do everything quickly. I’m not good at doing complicated hair styles so I want it cut in a way that is cool but that I can do in five seconds. Day: I’m really into scent, so in terms of what’s in my handbag, I carry M/Mink by Byredo and a small vile of Tom Ford Santal Blush. I carry my lipstick, my Tatcha Rice Paper and that’s pretty much it. Night: I will stress one thing, I’m very adamant about products that have a lot of science behind them and really work in terms of anti-aging. At night I remove my makeup with olive oil. It really takes everything off. Then I wash that off with CeraVe Foaming Cleanser and then I use Retin-A Micro. I’m a big big believer in Retin-A. It’s a pain because you peel like crazy at the beginning but then afterwards your skin is incredible. It’s the one thing that has the most proof behind it to produce collagen and prevent aging. There is literally no other product in the world that will prevent aging better than Retin-A. You have to be really, really devoted to wearing sunscreen when you’re using this. On the nights when I don’t use the Retin-A, I use the CeraVe moisturizer.” - Michelle Harper

    A Beauty Minute with Michelle

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 23 2014, 7:04pm

  • I’m coming to LA!

    Equipment is hosting an event to preview my newest stationery. If you happen to be in LA, make sure to stop by next Wednesday, October 29th to the Equipment store on Melrose for a very special sneak peek. Happy shopping! Kisses. Equipment, 8459 Melrose Place, Los Angeles

    Equipment x Garance Doré

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 23 2014, 4:00pm

  • No but I love this outfit. I’ve really had a thing for midi skirts lately but I have to warn you : they’re not easy.

    I have three of them. Two whites and one blue. I wear them with little sweaters and high heels. It’s beautiful, very feminine. For winter, with high heeled boots it’s awesome, sexy, 70’s. But of course you know me – the idea I love the most is to wear it with flats, like on the photo. It’s so elegant and gives a cool attitude, plus it’s comfortable, so you can really wear it in your everyday life. BUT after trying a few times, once with ballet flats (too granny goes to the market) with sneakers (too Dover Street Market intellectual for me) and with brogues like on Alana in the photo (okay, so beautiful, but for me? Not so sure), I’m not 100% sure it works. Still, I think a midi skirt is a great staple to have in our winter wardrobe. In white, so cool. And with a huge cardi like in the photo, love. Do you like midi skirts? Have you tried wearing them? How do you do it? Caridgan, Michael Kors; Top, Lisa Perry; Skirt, The Row; Shoes, Alexander Wang. Model Alana Bunte at The Lions NY / Styled by Dianna Lunt / Makeup by Tatyana Makarova / Hair by Eloise Cheung

    Edit No. 1 / Part 6 …. The Midi Skirt

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 23 2014, 1:02pm

  • Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Creative Director and founder of Romy and The Bunnies.

    Julia Restoin Roitfeld arriving to Chanel

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 23 2014, 7:43am

  • RetroSuperFuture is sort of on to something.

    Cool name. Good price points. Pretty awesome shop in NYC where you can try on every single sunglass style they make. Seems like they nailed it and so we wanted to share them with you!

    Do you have a favorite style of sunglasses? RetroSuperFuture, 21 Howard Street New York, NY 10013


    Posted on garancedore.fr October 22 2014, 8:00pm

  • Do you ever find yourself in deep conversations with your co-workers over text?

    No? Yeah, me either. More often times filled with “hahahahahahas” and “lol’s”. And more often than not, they include a lot of emoji’s. Take for example my conversation with Garance the other night :

    Sometimes emoji’s just say it best. Or maybe they express it better. One of my favorites is that stone head. I’m not sure why, but it always gets me. Do you have a favorite emoji to use?!

    Emoji Talk

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 22 2014, 6:30pm

  • I jumped when I saw the new face of NARS. Tilda Swinton!! Ahhh! I love her.

    No trendy supermodel with perfect pores, but a charismatic and cool woman. Nars always pushes the codes of makeup with a modern vision, quality with their packaging, product design, and muses with natural beauty. To me, the world of Francois Nars is more than makeup. It’s a place to lose yourself in colors and un-expected ideas. The portraits of Tilda will be released over the first 4 months of next year, something to look forward to! xo Amélie

    Tilda & Nars

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 22 2014, 4:00pm

  • American film director Sofia Coppola. Had to controlled myself and avoid a fan moment.

    Sofia Coppola, Paris Fashion Week

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 22 2014, 1:44pm

  • This summer, I lost some weight. I didn’t do anything in particular, I just got lighter without even thinking about it. In one month’s time, I got back to my normal weight, without doing anything at all, and since then I’ve stayed the same. For those of you who follow me, you know this subject had actually been bugging me for the last few years – I had been going around with about 10 pounds more than I weigh now, sometimes more, rarely less. It felt so weird to me – I didn’t really feel like myself. Even weirder since my New York friends hadn’t ever seen me any other way, so when I talked to them about it, they’d always say, no you haven’t changed at all, you look great!!!

    I had tried a few things to get back to my normal weight (not skinny, just me) and we talked about it – but I’ll never be a pro at diet torture, and even less at juicing and all the other silly things I thought of at times, like when I had to fold my mauve leather YSL skirt and put it way in the back of my closet so I wouldn’t see it anymore, since it didn’t close anymore and I hated for it, the stupid thing. I tried to accept my new body (honestly, naked, it was rather pretty and sexy, just heavier and more difficult to dress up) and I did tons of exercise, but nothing changed the fact that I just didn’t feel like myself. I know what you’re going to say. With all the changes in my personal life lately, it’s not surprising you shed some weight. And you know what? You’re right. That’s exactly what I want to talk to you about. Not my personal life so much. What I mean is that my breakup is just the visible part of a much larger change of cycle. Not premeditated at all, but still pretty deep. So the fact that I suddenly found myself back really made me think. I thought about all the times I told myself I’d started the unavoidable weight gain that happens after 35 and that there was nothing I could do except become a crazy food maniac. I thought about all the times I told myself that my problem was that I didn’t have any will power (I even tried to work on my will power and motivation!!! I bought a book on it!!!) and all the times I hated myself for that. I thought about all the things I had held against myself when actually, it wasn’t really me deciding any of those things – that’s what I’ve finally understood. Because actually, what happened is that my body was telling me (and others) something. Not anything good or bad, but that during that time in my life (which was a great time in my life, by the way – just because you gain a little weight doesn’t mean you’re unhappy), that’s just the way I was, what I was manifesting. I’m still really surprised when I weigh myself. I feel much better in my skin, much more myself, and I think it’s important to say that our bodies reflect the things we are experiencing in life. And if you’re feeling uncomfortable, there may be things to explore, if you feel ready, without stressing out about it. To not automatically believe that our body is a battle field – but more as a reflection of what we are inside. There’s no point waging war against yourself, despite the many completely freaky examples of pregnant women going back to their natural weight two weeks after giving birth, or the pseudo-role models who show people how to conquer their bodies as if they were hostile territories to rule over, when in fact, it’s just a matter of communicating with yourself deep down. And of course, of looking at ourselves with kindness. Translated by Andrea Perdue


    Posted on garancedore.fr October 22 2014, 1:01pm

  • So many things have changed in the magazine world.

    We read them differently, we buy them differently, we get rid of them differently (???).There are a lot more deluxe and art mags than there used to be (most of them are independent ones) and a lot fewer funny, smart ones that don’t take themselves too seriously. I don’t really know which ones to focus on anymore, so I kind of skim over all of them without really reading anything. It’s too bad! So I was wondering what you all are reading right now. Are you addicted to any particular magazine? Do you read them online? Do you buy them? Translated by Andrea Perdue

    What’s Your Favorite Magazine?

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 21 2014, 8:02pm

  • Morning : I wash my face with Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream, then I spray my face and neck with the Dr. Hauschka facial toner. If it’s winter I mix 2 drops of the Huile Protectrice to my Melissa cream always, both from Dr. Haushcka.

    Day : Not much to be honest ….I barely wear make-up….but I always have a hydratating lipstick like the cold cream lip balm from Avène, my Mac matte orange lipstick, and a black Chanel Inimitable Mascara multi-dimensional. Night : If I’m not wearing mascara, I just wash my face with the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk, then I spray some facial toner and that’s it ….because that’s what my beauty guru says is good for the skin. If I have been wearing mascara, I would first take it off with some cotton pads with Crealine H2O solution, from Bioderma. Voilà , as you can see I’m a TOTAL ADDICT to DR HAUSCHKA !!!! Since I have started using it (it must have been at least 4 years now) it changed my skin radically !!!! I stopped taking medicine that my dermatologist prescribed, including antibiotic pills. You just have to find the right thing for your skin ….especially after 30. - Elisa Nalin For more beauty minutes, click here!

    A Beauty Minute with Elisa…

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 21 2014, 7:49pm

  • And bring on a new color!

    We’ve seen it before. Heat sensitive color changing t-shirts from the 80s. Such a strange and somehow HUGE trend for any teen hoping to literally wear a conversation starter. Every cool kid on the block had one, and I’m kind of thinking that these pouches from Alexander Wang might be the grown up version you didn’t know you were looking for. Either way, you can at least have a BOGO mentality, without actually having to buy two. Heat Sensitive Prisma Pouch, Alexander Wang

    Bring the Heat

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 21 2014, 4:45pm

  • It’s really hard work being a street style photographer. I’ve been doing it for years, so I know what I’m talking about. You spend your life outside, so you’re at the mercy of the weather, you sometimes waste whole days looking for the right shot and never finding it, you end up having to deal with grumpy people, and plus, you can really hurt your back, because the cameras we use are super heavy and you spend all day carrying them around.

    On the Street…Louise

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 21 2014, 1:18pm

  • How gorgeous is this illustration of casting agent and fashion consultant Natalie Joos? Another great work done by talented artist Judit García-Talavera. You can check more of her work for Trendycrew over here and don’t forget to show her some love on her Facebook page.

    Natalie Joos, Illustration

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 21 2014, 9:06am

  • Here we go again….

    Down the street to a new little cafe called Maman. Just when we thought we’d exhausted all of the usuals for lunch, bam! A super sweet spot opens. And French to boot. Emily and I passed by for a take-away lunch of avocado toast, butternut squash soup and potato salad – all pretty tasty. They may have also had some delicious treats like a chocolate chip cookie, which we were obliged to try while we were there. Comfort, farm fresh food just in time for the winter! Maman, 239 Centre Street (between Grand & Broome)

    Maman Mia!

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 20 2014, 8:00pm

  • Jayne in TriBeCa

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 20 2014, 7:15pm

  • In lieu of the new “Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs” exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, which opened October 12th, we’ve found some Fall/Winter 2014 looks that evoke some of the artist’s most famous works. The masterful combination of contrast, line and color that Matisse was able to create with scissors is no doubt something that fashion designers today strive for as they cut their garments. Perhaps these images will inspire you so much that you’ll want to go at your clothes with a pair of scissors…

    “Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs,” is on view at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City October 12, 2014 through February 8,2015 

    Matisse’s Cutouts

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 20 2014, 4:00pm

  • Attention please, the new minis are here. They’re high waisted and make your legs look super long. They’re worn like in the 60’s (just in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re getting hit by a pretty strong 60’s revival) and this is how they’re going to be worn on the street, or let’s say, for women with normal legs and normal life with a lot of commuting included, with a good pair of reassuring tights (ew, metro / taxi seats)

    The New Mini

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 20 2014, 1:13pm

  • Blogger and writer Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller.

    Leandra Medine, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 20 2014, 5:23am

  • At the home of Antoine and Gwen in Montmarte.

    Weekend Inspiration #195

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 19 2014, 1:00pm

  • Nausheen Shah, Stylist & Fashion writer for Marie Claire, L’Officiel and New York Post. 1st Outfit: Brandon Sun top, Céline pants, Marc Jacobs sunnies and Rye bag. 2nd Outfit: Brandon Sun silk robe, Ela bag and Aperlai pompom heels.

    Sunday Inspiration: Nausheen Shah

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 19 2014, 12:42pm

  • Weekend Inspiration #194

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 18 2014, 1:00pm

  • Leaf Greener, stylist and Senior Fashion Editor at ELLE China. She is wearing a Chanel total look. Coveting her Chanel milk carton and shopping basket bags. Would you pay 9000€ for this Chanel shopping basket?

    Leaf Greener after Chanel, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 18 2014, 7:48am

  • Fall is the best time for jumpsuits, and this one is sort of perfect.

    You can find more ideas on my Pinterest!

    The Jumpsuit

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 17 2014, 7:02pm

  • 700 free movies. You’re guaranteed there will be something you’ve not seen. And if you start one and don’t like it, just drop it, it’s free!

    A look into the workings of one of our favorite magazines in the world, and for which we’ve proclaimed our love before. What will be the next hot thing in tech? Consult this 27-year-old. Let these pieces be your inspiration to head out the door and see the world on your own! Saying you’re a “creative director” today is as easy as labeling yourself a “curator”. Both are too often thrown around, but here a major retailer calls her their Director of Creative Projects, and in this case the title is valid. Baby pandas being adorable. There is nothing else to say. For all of us (which is nearly everyone) who use it everyday but don’t think twice about it (unless we’re complaining because of a poor connection): the internet is amazing! Seeing it physically might as well be like exploring space (again, to nearly every one of us.) The State of the Book, the best from all 50 of them. A weekly round up of the best links from Delphine & Wes Del Val.?FR: La sélection de la semaine des meilleurs liens sur le web par Delphine & Wes Del Val.

    The Del Val #36

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 17 2014, 5:05pm

  • Do you know Poppy Delevingne ? I love this girl – with her blondness and sweetness and English-style cheekiness. Here are a few photos we took for my new Happy Diamonds project with Chopard. We wanted the photos to feel like you were spending the day (an amazing day, of course – it’s Chopard after all, it’s sublime) with her at home.


    Posted on garancedore.fr October 17 2014, 1:01pm

  • Eva Chen Editor-in-Chief at Lucky Magazine. Her bag is Paula Cademartori.

    Eva Chen, Paris Fashion Week

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 17 2014, 8:15am

  • Indre Rockefeller, US president at Delpozo. I am madly in love with this dress, actually I am madly in love with anything done by Josep Font for Delpozo.

    Indre Rockefeller wearing Delpozo, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 16 2014, 9:01pm

  • This summer, for the first time in my life, I rode in a helicopter.

    It had been one of my dreams in life, I don’t really know why – and it was when my family came to visit me in New York that I finally decided to go ahead and do it. It’s very easy to take a helicopter to fly over New York – you just have to go to the heliport… It’s a bit expensive, but a great gift if you dream of seeing the city like you’ve never seen it before.

    A lot of people totally scared the hell our of me before I went (“You’re going to crash!!!” “Those things will explode against a building if there’s even the tiniest bit of wind!!!”)(let’s just say that people who are afraid of heights don’t go easy on you when it comes to convincing their friends not to risk their lives) so even though I do have a little bit of a dare devil in me, let’s say I was quietly freaking out. But hey, it’s very organized and regulated, ok, and hoards of tourists show up to do it every day, so in terms of danger, the risk is probably close to zero. But still. You’re going to think I’m crazy, but the thing I was most excited about was the take off. I’ve always had a thing for the propellers, the wind, the noise… And that crazy forward motion the helicopter makes when it leaves the ground. I thought being inside must be kind of like riding Space Mountain. And I LOVE Space Mountain… But I was a little disappointed, because you actually you don’t feel anything at all. You take off from the ground like it’s some kind of magic, and a few seconds later, you’re flying over the Statue of Liberty.

    And that’s when it starts to get really amazing. I won’t tell you much more about it – I’ll just share a few photos with you. It’s beautiful, it’s sublime, it’s magical. You feel so small and big at the same time, it’s like you could take the whole city in your hand. You can see the full expanse of Central park, the full height of the city, the beauty of its bridges, and the incredible romanticism of it all. It’s simply sublime.

    You have to do it at least once. If you’re not afraid of heights, of course. Big kisses! Translated by Andrea Perdue

    Flying Over New York City

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 16 2014, 8:30pm

  • By now you have probably caught on to the fact that Alana is a serious beauty. It’s one of the many reasons we were so excited to work with her on our first fashion story. Of course, a big part of the fashion story was coming up with a beauty look to go with the looks and we decided to go with something simple, natural and warm. Tatyana focused on the skin, using moisturizer, light foundation and just covered up any imperfections. The eyebrow, as you know, is one of the most important parts of the face, so she took time to groom and fill it in just right. The focus then was on conturing the face, creating shadows and highlights to help create that glow. Other than that, no mascara, no eyeliner, curled lashes and a balm on the lips! Voila!

    When it comes to this kind of look, using your natural beauty as the guideline. Take your best feature and work to bring that forward :) Sweater, Balenciaga. Model Alana Bunte at The Lions NY / Styled by Dianna Lunt / Makeup by Tatyana Makarova / Hair by Eloise Cheung

    Edit No. 1 / Part 5… The Face

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 16 2014, 7:53pm

  • Almost…

    Acne studios has launched underwear! Now, I’ve mentioned before my specific taste for underwear, white for summer, black for winter. But its equally as hard to find good nude underwear. The kind you need for white pants, or anything remotely sheer. The elastic waist band is even wide enough not to cut into your sides. Plus both styles are available in a lovely mix of neutrals like grey, white, black and and of course nude. So there you have it. My new nude underwear, almost as good as going commando! Do you have a favorite brand? PS. They also made mens styles, perfect for Erik :)


    Posted on garancedore.fr October 16 2014, 4:02pm

  • From a new restaurant to a new trendy food (I’m talking about you kale!), the way we eat is something that is a huge part of our everyday life. I was really excited to have the opportunity to spend some time with Melissa and Jasmin Hemsley, authors of the new cookbook (okay, it’s new for us in the US, it’s been in Europe longer!) The Art of Eating Well. Their message is simple: you should eat good food that makes you feel good. Their family business is to help people who want to live healthier and more energized lives. The recipes that they’ve developed in their book are just that, from a black bean brownie (seriously, it’s insanely good) to pastas made from vegetables, they present a fresh take on treating your body well. I tagged along while they shopped for groceries at the Union Square Farmer’s Market and made dinner for friends while in New York this fall and I learned a lot. So here it is, The Art of Eating Well!

    Eating Well

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 16 2014, 1:25pm

  • Sophie Pera, Fashion Editor at Town & Country.

    Sophie Pera in Metallic Jacket, Paris

    Posted on trendycrew.com October 16 2014, 8:05am

  • Azzedine Alaïa showed his collection in Paris on Tuesday night – in his studio as he usually does …

    … according to his own schedule, not during fashion week, away from all the top models and drama of the front row. He’s been excusing himself from the obligations of the fashion world for years, and even so, he’s been able to maintain all his influence and importance. His company only keeps growing, and all the while, he remains fiercely independent. He created a real atmosphere in his studio – a warmth – something special. One of my dreams is to be invited to one of his private dinners where he cooks for his friends… it sounds like the ambiance is amazing. I just wanted to say it makes me dream, and even if I’ll never have his genius, I hope to be able to follow the same kind of path – creating something great, but intimate, special, and different. And cook for my friends!!!

    Translated by Andrea Perdue


    Posted on garancedore.fr October 15 2014, 9:03pm

  • Run, don’t walk.

    Or just get online real quick. I’m super stoked (that sincere because I don’t say stoked about very much) because of course, I love their beauty line. The last time I was in Paris, Emily and I visited the store and she found me an hour later, arms covered in lipstick and eye liner swatches with a pile of products in my basket. So yeah, I like actually really love it. The full beauty collection won’t be available in the US right away (I’ll obviously, keep you posted on that front) but you can still stock up on some goodies (in store and online). So for now, you’ll just have to deal with getting your hands on all of the REALLY COOL SHOES, leather shorts, silk tops, structured coats…. You get it. Now go! Other Stories, 575 Broadway – Opening October 17th

    Stories is Here

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 15 2014, 7:27pm

  • We have a mirror at the studio that makes you look like Gisele.

    It’s a great mirror to have if you’re going on a date after work. It’s a great mirror to have if you’re trying on a new pair of pants or better yet, a swimsuit. It’s a great mirror to have after you just ate Chipotle. I’m not sure what magical Chinatown store we even found it at, but it’s crazy flattering (and completely inaccurate) but you know what, it makes you feel really good? Is it okay to feel good about a lie?

    The Skinny Mirror

    Posted on garancedore.fr October 15 2014, 4:33pm

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